How to Make Money on Youtube

Few days ago, I read a blog post named “How to Make Money on Youtube“. But, his description was very much complicated. That’s why this post. Now check out this post to know How to Make Money on Youtube.

YouTube is a video sharing website, on which people can upload, view and share there own videos. It uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash technology to display a wide range of user produced video content. Most of the content on has been uploaded by users, although media and other organizations present some of their videos.

How to Make Money on Youtube

Currently a lot of people are making money on youtube and a lot of them have gained huge. Making money by blogging is most usual, but have you heard that you can earn money on YouTube by sharing videos. I am not sure about your answer but it possible and How to Make Money on Youtube just for that purpose. Now check out top 10 most popular and highest earner on Youtube.

Top 10 Money maker on Youtube

Here are Top 10 YouTube Money Makers who are earning huge by their own YouTube video channel.

1. Shane Dawson (431 million views and earn $315,000)

2. The Annoying Orange (349 mil views and earn $288,000)

3. Philip DeFranco (248 mil views and earn $181,000)

4. Ryan Higa (206 mil views and earn $151,000)

5. Fred (200 mil views and earn $146,000)

6. Shay Carl (192 mil views and earn $140,000)

7. Mediocre Films (159mil views and earn $116,000)

8. Smosh (154 mil views and earn $113,000)

9. The Young Turks (153 mil views and earn $112,000)

10. Natalie Tran (earn $101,000)

How to Make Money on Youtube

There are many ways to make money on YouTube. Now let’s see few of them to know how to make money on YouTube.

1. Choose a good YouTube channel name

Create a free account at When making an account you should not just choose a random username that nobody will be capable to remember. Choose your username easy and attractive. An excellent username would be something that reflects your upcoming video clips such as “CopyBlogger”, supposing you are a pro blogger. Choosing a good user name is the first tip @ How to Make Money on Youtube.

2. Video Creating

There are actually two methods of creating videos for your youtube channel. Number one is by using a actual video camera and recording things surrounding you. If you didn’t have any video camera, then you use your computer. Keep in mind you have to use a good software for recording and to have a computer that does not lag. You can use you microphone to add your voice. Just remember one thing, you have to create interesting videos. This is not a tip, it’s a process on “How to Make Money on Youtube” post.

3. Uploading Video On YouTube

Whenever you upload your video clips on YouTube don’t forget to add keywords with appropriate description. Don’t forget to add your website URL in your video clips that relate your video. So, uploading video clips by using related and highly searched keywords with attractive description is the 2nd tip @ How to Make Money on Youtube.

4. Share your videos in Social Networking websites

Just uploading videos on YouTube channel does not mean that you will get traffic. You have to share your video links on social networking website like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Do these, I am sure you will get much better traffic. Sharing is our 3rd tip @ How to Make Money on Youtube.

5. Create huge BackLinks on your video channel

Remember one thing youtube video publishing is one kind of blogging. So, you have to make backlinks to get better position on youtube search engine as well as on Google search engine. This backlinks can make huge traffic. But, don’t spam your links. Just build on related site. So, building backlinks on related site is our 4th tips @ How to Make Money on Youtube.

6. Take a close look what your competitors doing

To get success on blogging and video sharing, you have to open your eyes on your competitor to know what strategies they follow to become success. I hope if you follow this strategy, then you will be successful very quickly. so, this is an important strategy @ How to Make Money on Youtube.

7a. How to Make Money on Youtube – YPP

After creating a popular youtube video, you can get an invitation from youtube automatically to join their adsense partnership program. Then you have to apply for youtube partnership program (YPP). To apply visit youtube partnership program page. After applying, youtube will take up to 2 weeks to reply. After denied you have to wait for 2 months to apply again. If your channel get accepted then you can earn for than 200 USD per month. I think it’s easy.

7b. How to Make Money on Youtube – Other Ways

  • Video reviews of affiliate products
  • Selling advertising slots in the videos
  • Selling ad slot in the description
  • Sell the video channel

I think this post will help you to learn about How to Make Money on Youtube. Follow this tips, I hope you will get success on youtube. If you know any other tips or tricks, then share with us.