3 Basic Link Building Mistakes

Backlink building is the most crucial part for any website or blog SEO campaign. Lots of bloggers have been written on backlink building tips and that’s why I am not going to talk about “how to create huge backlinks for your website or blog “. It’s clear from the post title, I am focusing on the points which must be avoided during backlink building.

To increase search engine ranking position of a site and improve PR and SEO it’s obvious to built backlinks. But, inaccurate link building schemes truly can hamper your site in SEO ranking. So while you going to built backlinks for your site try to avoid the following basic mistakes.

Link Building Mistakes

1. Using Same/Single Anchor Text

You always will find the tips in different SEO related articles to use the anchor text in building backlinks for a site. And they said to use keyword in anchor text. But, what happen if you use a single anchor text in each link building?

Now-a-days Search engines algo are much smarter and refined. They will think that the links are not natural, rather they are creating to improve SEO ranking for a particular keyword. So it’s good to use a set of anchors instead of using same/single anchor.

2. Fast Increase in Links in Short Time

There are lots of backlink building companies offering their paying services to increase the backlinks in short period. By using that kind of services your backlinks might be grow in a short period but again it would not be look natural. So, buying paid links is another mistake in link building process. Backlink structure is an ever going activity and should be increased in a natural process.

3. Excessive Link Exchange

Link exchanging is another popular method of increasing backlinks in which two bloggers exchange their site links to have better rank in search engine. Don’t exchange site links excessively as it will not look natural. Matt Cutts said in an interview that-

“At first we said avoid the reciprocal links. Really, what you need to do is avoid the excessive reciprocal links. So we added the word excessive.

Because, if you look at the Google directory, which is like the open directory in Dmoz except with PageRank and the Yahoo directory, it’s almost certain that Google links to Yahoo and Yahoo links to Google on some level.”

So you can exchange the site links but if your site has extreme website links to blogs which have your site links, then it can create hassle.

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