>Tips To Boost Traffic For Your Website or Blog

>Directories help locate websites of certain categories or permanently. The difference between search engines and directories is that directories of websites just to check the sites that have a certain level and provide general information.

One goal of using directories is to increase the traffic. To do this, we have to choose to organize in important directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, and LookSmart appear. This ride high targeted traffic to your website (subject-specific), significantly increasing link popularity and Google PageRank.

To maximize the exposure:

  • Find a category that is best for your site. The categories and subcategories must fully comply with the theme of your site and its purpose. For example, if your site is a health problem related to the Site must be for the health of the economy and not communicate. Only then, Internet users are looking to sell access health related websites. Search for keywords that are relevant to your site in the directory. Categories vomiting to your keywords. Choose one that hits all aspects.
  • Currency a title and description to increase, not decrease traffic. The title should be “dead”. He was the most important key technologies and if possible start with a letter at the beginning of the alphabet. And description of 15-25 words should be short, the purpose or function of your website. If it is descriptive and informative, try to weave as many keywords as possible to your website.
  • Buy a content keyword per click search engines or directories.
  • Make sure the Web search engine friendly.
  • Pay attention to the contents of text and image. Heavy images reduce search engine visibility.
  • Again, use the links in the appropriate directories and listings of trade or business secrets. Discover new links used by competitors.
  • Adding new content regularly. This encourages visitors and search engines to return. Make sure the content is keyword rich.
  • Initiating and maintaining a weblog or blog. This can be an active way to increase traffic during the dissemination of information.
  • Market website by printing its address on business cards, paper bags, packaging, etc.. Distribute an e-zine or regularly updated newsletters to customers and business partners.
  • Consider paying for lists of search engines for the improvement and rapid assessment of your site.
  • Target content to engines by adopting technology camouflage look.
  • Advertising on websites and mailing lists.
  • Adopt a plan for interconnection.