14 Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Displaying Ads

This guest post  written by invesp.
Ads are not guaranteed to make money for you. They are a convenient way to make money, but your Ad has to be clicked by your reader for you to make money. So unless your blog is a huge traffic churner and your Ads are all highly relevant, we don’t see much revenue for you in terms of Ads. Here are 14 other ways to monetize your blog without resorting to Ads.

1. Set Up A Radio Station On Your Blog

If you have your own radio station, you can earn money in many ways. You can stream information on upcoming events, latest celebrity updates, interview podcasts, sell showcase spots to other bloggers, artists and so on. You can even sell audio advertising.

2. Sell Guest Posting Services

Research and understand the kind of content various bloggers in your niche want. Offer to write guest posts for them to aid their posting schedules for a fee. Most bloggers would welcome this option if they can get a regular contributor whose style, content and approach they like.

3. Offer Your Professional Blogging Services

If you are a talented and experienced blogger and writer, offer your services as a professional blogger. You’ll be surprised how many blogs there are that need someone to do the writing and the managing.

4. Offer Consulting Services In Your Niche Area

If you are a niche SME, consider consultancy. New bloggers in your niche area would appreciate your advice and support. You could even consult on how to develop and write for a successful blog.

5. Become An Affiliate Marketer

One excellent option is to sign up as an Amazon Associate and sell their products. You can handle multiple affiliate positions at the same time, as long you have the bandwidth, the resources and have an affinity for the products.

6. Sell Premium Content

If you have established a regular readership that appreciates your expertise and personality, create an exclusive Members-Only page for premium content. Offer premium content to those who are ready to pay for it. Think in terms of access to premium published content, videos and podcasts of rare interviews and so on.

7. Host Events Online

You can host different kinds of events on your blog, such as a premium contest for a generous sponsored prize or so. You can charge for admissions, invite sponsors to participate for a fee and sell future event subscriptions as well.

8. Sell Your Content To Mainstream Media

Pull out those archives that are sleeping in your database and sell them to mainstream media like magazines and newspapers. If you check the Sunday papers, a lot of blog-post-like articles are printed for the benefit of those who don’t browse online. Use a service such as Scoopt Words to sell your content to mainstream media.

9. Set Up A Job Board

If you have established yourself both as an industry leader and as a subject matter authority, consider setting up a job board. Your loyal readers and others can use it to hire people, or get hired for various positions in your niche field. You’ll have to network, source jobs, find references and even tie up with a few companies to achieve this.

10. Sell Photos

Research what kinds of images bloggers in your and other niches want for their posts. If you’re good with a camera lens, take high quality pictures and source them on your blog under different categories. Alternatively, host photos on your blog using the service, and you’ll get paid whenever someone reads a post with your hosted photos in it.

11. Create And Sell Mailing Lists

Sell different products on your site and gather people’s email ids. Create mailing lists based on product category and sell them to other bloggers who sell similar products.

12. Write A Book On Your Niche

You could even consider writing a book on any topic that appeals to you in your niche. You can sell e-copies on your blog or publish your book using a self-publishing service such as Lulu.

13. Sell Merchandise

Here’s one you can try if you’re a well known blogger. Create custom merchandize such as t-shirts and pens with your blog’s logo on them. Sell them to your devoted readers. Use a service such as CafePress, or GoodStorm for this purpose.

14. Sell eBooks

If you’re a subject matter expert, consider writing an eBook. You can create an eBook out of your best posts, or write a detailed analysis on your niche and so on. You can also consider writing a mini-guide or a tutorial that provide niche-relevant solutions along with your expert advice.

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