nRelate – A Related Post Widget for Blogger and WordPress

>nRelate is a related posts plugin for online publishers of all sizes. A related posts plugin displays a stylish list of suggestions for what your readers should view next. Using a related posts plugin is an extremely useful tool in building up the success of your website.

Here are some benefits of using the nRelate Plugin:
1. Improve your site’s statistics: keep readers on your site longer, decrease bounce rate, and increase page views. All this leads to a more successful website.

2. Maximize the impact of your page’s content. Get the most out of all your blog posts – past and present – when your reader’s re-visit past stories based on the plugin’s suggestions.

3. Networking options. If you want, you can choose to include related posts from any partner sites you might have (aka your blogroll) along with your own content in the plugin’s display. This is especially useful if you run more than one site, as you can use this plugin as a tool for cross promotion.

Another option is to use the nRelate plugin to earn some revenue via their ad network — an example of how this feature looks is included below.

4. Other goodies from nRelate: the plugin is run from their own servers, so it won’t slow down your site. Another plus is that (unlike LinkWithin and other related posts plugins) it doesn’t redirect users through their site when they click a link — so the link juice is all yours to keep.

nRelate offers many super easy customization options (with no extra coding on your part!) including thumbnail styles which can make you page look great. Here are some examples:

nRelate Default Style:

Bloginity Style:

Trendland Style:

Polaroid Style:

As previously mentioned, you can choose to use nRelate’s ad network to make money. This feature is free and completely optional, and you can opt to turn it off at any time. You can also choose the number of ad spaces you want to display. It looks pretty good, fitting seamlessly and tastefully into the rest of your related posts. Here is an example:

Advertising mixed into content

This plugin is free and super easy to install for Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. They also have a beta version available for other platforms.

How to Install nRelate on Blogger
Step 1: Register and sign in at Select your blog’s platform (Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr) and ‘Install’. You also need to register if you want to customize the plugin.

Step 2: You can customize your plugin on the site’s main settings page. This is where you choose things like thumbnail size and how many posts you want to display (up to 10). You can change the text “You May Also Like -” to whatever you want it to say, which is cool. You can also choose if you want the widget to appear on your blog’s homepage or just on individual blog posts (or both).

For Blogger, this page explains how to get all the thumbnail themes: (It’s even easier if you’re using WordPress, you install and customize the nRelate plugin directly from the WP platform.)

Step 3: You’re done! Their servers start analyzing your blog content and the plugin shows up on your site after 2 hours.

Hope this how-to was helpful for you. Try out this new related content plugin and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!