Best Ways To Increase Conversions With Split Testing

Split testing, as the name suggests, helps test your work on landing page optimization to see what works and what doesn’t.

Simply speaking, split testing is like a science lab experiment. You don’t know which chemicals are going to work; you carry out experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t; until you reach the perfect reaction which gives the best result. In a similar way, split testing pitting your work – one against the other to see where you can get the best results and best conversions from.

Split Testing

So here’s how one can go about it:

1. Testing Which Functions Work

Let’s take the shopping cart for instance. There are verities of shopping carts available on the internet which work amazingly well and are available at nominal prizes. So, you could adorn your website with any of these carts. But which is the most convenient or your user?

For different products, the demands are different. Depending on what’s most feasible and what works best for your site, you could split test to see which functionality is the best suited.

2. Change Your Headings To See Which Converts Better

The next area that you could work around while split testing for landing page optimization, is the heading and titles for your content. After all, it’s the heading that people actually observe at the first glance. The titles make a huge impact on the user and at the end of the day, they determine whether the user would be interested enough to read on, further.

Headings for not just for blogs or articles, but even for your navigation, call to action tabs and various other features on your landing page, are important.

3. Benefits Vs. Features – Which Works?

Again this varies product t product and service to service. You have to split test to see what’s working for your audience. They generally say that benefits are what one must focus on and not features. But in this gizmo and tech age, the trend is changing. When you are buying an anti aging supplement, you want to see ‘benefits’ and when you’re buying the latest digital watch, you want features.

But then again, split testing for this content is very important because this is the body of your sales copy, on your landing page!

Moreover, You Can Divide Your Activities Into 3 Sections:

1. Split Test To Understand User Behavior

There are various tools that are available on the internet and which are very useful to determine how your visitors are responding to your landing page set up. This is important because the user behavior is what actually determines the conversion.

Most of the users that reach your landing page are those who have read your copy, clicked on your link and interested to make a purchase. So these are ‘focused’ users and hence, their conversion behavior is vital to understand your sales plan and strategy.

2. Split Test To Understand How Your Landing Page and Tools Work

Tools are the next important aspects. Imagine a user trying to check a demo video but it doesn’t run? Or, imagine he’s almost through to a payment, but your page loads slowly? Such situations need to be tested. Your customer care should obviously be in place, but your engineers should be working on the split testing to see what works best.

3. Split Test To Check Your Design And Navigation

Design and navigation are the next instrumental factors. You must be absolutely sure about things like what to keep above the fold and what not to keep above the fold. Small things like these play an important role in conversions and you can figure out what’s working best only when you pit them against each other and analyze.

Finally – The Easiest Way To Assist Transaction

And finally, the transaction! Don’t keep this process very complicated. Keep it simple, use stamps that show you are authentic; have the ‘verified account’ and certifications clearly spelled out. Split test with how much information and which processes are the most convenient to make a purchase.

At the end of the day, if someone wants to make an investment, he should be ABLE to make one without obstructions!