>Unlimited Traffic With PageRank On Digg

>First go and then open the pages, that are 1 year or more older. It is guaranteed that they have high Page Rank (PR) pages. You can also find some of the newer sections of digg. But most of all open pages that are more than 1 year. Now for the comments on these stories and have a look. You must be see high PR sites. Most of them PR5 or more. Now you make a comment and post your URL like and that’s it. Your link is now in high PR site free. Well, look around and you will find some pages that are very very high PR PR8, PR7, and much more. Generally, you want to use those with the most Diggs, because they are usually higher PR.

In brief all process that you have to follow-

  1. Go to
  2. Go to pages 1 year older
  3. Now make comment on the high PR pages and put your link in the comment
  4. Repeat & repeat