Money making tips for Online stores using SEO

The internet is a powerful tool in anyone’s hands. If you own a small business that wants to grow or a large super store that needs to find new avenues to explore, the net is useful to do both and then some. With so many players in the market, it becomes imperative to stand out and gain more eyeballs. More visitors to your online store mean more revenue, more word-of-mouth sales, and more growth.

A good way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a way to enable search engines to find your online store and place it at a level higher than the other scores of stores that might fit the same profile. That means you will not only ensure that people check out your site but also that they actually buy your merchandise. There are many search engines available like Bing, Google and Yahoo and they can all be used to drive business your way. Here’s how:


The keyword is the most crucial element in getting more out of your business. Whenever a search is conducted, the right words used in your description of the online store or the products will ensure your store is in the limelight. You will need to do an analysis of what the general populace is looking for and plan your keyword(s) accordingly. A look at what the competition is doing won’t hurt either.

You cannot stop here – you need to ensure that the keywords are not used too many times because too much density is counter-productive. Google is coming down hard on offenders and so, be careful to use the keywords carefully and sparingly. For instance, you can use a keyword in a title or heading and a file name or URL. For instance, when you use .biz or .org in your domain address, you give your users more information about who you are.


It is not enough to set up an online store and use appropriate SEO. You will need to ensure that the store is performing well too. Maintenance is key here so do check on the speed of your web pages and the performance of your JavaScript along with other technological maintenance.


Some search engines prefer local results to others. When you are trying to capture customers in your city it is important to use specific locations in your SEO. For instance, instead of saying ‘trusted dog walking services’, you could say ‘trusted dog walking services in Chicago’. This will ensure personalized results to the user.


You cannot rely on SEO to do your work so get cracking with tools like Google Analytics and figure out how your store is actually doing. Analytics will tell you what your customers are doing and how traffic is being driven and based on your insights you can tweak the SEO for better results.

SEO is a cost-effective way to get more mileage out of your online store so use it wisely and use it well.

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