Five Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging is an excellent way to increase traffic for a website. Studies have shown that compelling and educational content will keep visitors on a website once they reach a landing page. In fact, Google also supports this finding by ranking websites based on the uniqueness and relevancy of the content on the blog. Websites with relevant content that is updated frequently are more apt to be ranked higher and obtain more traffic. Since blogs are essential to traffic increase, bloggers must constantly work to improve their websites and determine better ways to improve.

Here are a five ways for bloggers to improve their blog traffic to their websites:

Five Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Write Content Frequently.

Write more content to increase website traffic. The content should be educational, authoritative and keyword-rich. The content on a website should be constantly changing to attract web crawlers and build relevant links. This will help to improve website traffic a company’s website. If the company’s primary website hosts blogs, this will attract traffic and establish the business as an authority in the industry. If the website hosts general blogs on a particular topic, links can be established to a company’s website. This will also generate traffic.

2. Monitor Your Blog Activity with Google Analytics

Monitor your blog with Google Analytics. Evaluate the statistics and make adjustments accordingly. Keyword monitoring is one important aspect to monitor in Google Analytics. Consumers can determine which keywords are generating traffic and which keywords are not performing. Content can be rewritten or modified to reflect new keywords.

Blogs are dynamic. Companies must constantly evaluate the blogs to determine what changes can be made. Bloggers that become complacent will not generate the type of traffic they desire.

3. Write a Post About a Celebrity

Write a post about a celebrity to generate traffic for a blog. The simple use of a celebrity name will generate significant traffic. Celebrity name use could refer to an endorsement, or it could refer to how the celebrity has used a product or service in their lives. If the celebrity’s name is mentioned in the news frequently, expect the traffic to increase significantly. A simple mention of a celebrity name can quadruple traffic to a site. Many bloggers have found this technique effective.

If StumbleUpon is used in conjunction with a celebrity mention, this could increase blog traffic also. People will rate the article and if they like it, the visibility of your blog or company will increase. Thus, more traffic will be generated from the exposure from StumbleUpon also.

4. Focus on Design or Layout

Focus on design and layout to keep people interested in your site or blog. Visitors are not impressed by blogs with unprofessional designs and non-intuitive menu layouts. This will cause visitors to navigate away from a website. Hire a professional to design a blog website.

5. Ask Readers Questions to Generate Interest

Readers enjoy interacting on website and making a difference. Ask questions to keep readers engaged and to encourage return visits. This will increase website traffic and result in more sales conversions.