Genesis WordPressTheme Framework Review: Gorgeous, Flexible, and Insanely Powerful

Genesis is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme Framework. It’s sure to grab your readers attention… and not let go of it.

If you are looking for that competitive advantage… Genesis will deliver.

With such an eye catching layouts, it really does a great job of presenting your site very professionally.

It’s Just About What’s on The Surface

A deeper look into Genesis shows why it’s become so popular. Jump right in and take a quick look at the Genesis Theme Demo.

Notice how the menu is laid out. It’s easy to read while still being very elegant.

The standard design is very tasteful, and makes for an excellent starting point for any blog.

Genesis Framework Theme

Each section is clearly marked, so even your newest of readers will be able to easily navigate your website.

You’ve probably seen other WordPress site that insanely hard to read and navigate. They just have everything jammed in together. I don’t know how those sites expect to build a readership.

That’s not the case with Genesis, it’s laid out really well…

You’ll be able to focus on your writing. Knowing that readers won’t be distracted by a poorly designed site.

Photography Portfolio Using Genesis

This is why so many blogger and writers rave about having Genesis as the backbone to their WordPress site.

But Genesis is not just great for writers. It can also be a great platform for creative portfolios.

Adding one of the 40 available child themes can completely change your sites direction and audience.

I’ll talk about Child Themes in a bit.

State of the Art Security

With WordPress being so popular, it can become a security target. Genesis was designed to be as secure as possible. They consulted with security expert Mark Jaquith.

So you could be sure that your site won’t be vulnerable to any known security loopholes.

Hassle Free Updates

Probably one of my favorite features of Genesis. With one click you instantly update your site .

Most sites that get hacked, are because the owners never bothered updating it… or didn’t even know about the update. Sometimes they are even afraid that they might break something (which is a valid point, I’ve seen updates bring so many sites down).

Before an update is sent to you, it’s been tested thoroughly… so when you click that update button you’ll have nothing to worry about.

I’m glad that they eliminated this major potential headache. It could take a developer, hours if not days to bring a site back up from problems created by an update not working properly.

Child Themes

Examples of Genesis Child Themes

When you buy Genesis, you have access to 40 child theme … What does that you mean? Child Themes are WordPress designs. These designs use Genesis as a framework.

Each one is professionally designed and you have access to all of them, even when a new child theme gets released.

It doesn’t matter what type of site you are looking to create. Genesis has child themes for everything from a business site, to cutting edge designes for creative portfolios.

You can expand your Genesis site flexibility and make it future proof by using hooks.

For example, you’ll be able to add a piece of code for a new widget, hook it into a section on your site, and know that you saved  time and effort. Without having to redesign anything and worrying about breaking your site.

Value and the Bottom Line

At $59.95, Genesis is pretty much a bargin. I’ve seen premium WordPress blogs that don’t even come close to anything that Genesis offers and that’s not just my opinion.

Look at what Darren Rowse – Founder, had to say about Genesis.

“Genesis lets me sleep easy. Knowing my blog is well optimized, secure and easy to update lets me get on with developing content, community and building a business from my blogging.”

If you are planning to buy Genesis, I would suggest that you do so now… lock in on the price, and take advantage of the free lifetime updates. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the price for Genesis goes up.

It’s a powerhouse WordPress Theme that is future proof and insanely powerful. Having child themes and hooks jut add to the ability to building out an amazing site with state of the art security.