>Becoming A Mobile Developer

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I know a lot of people are interested in getting their piece of the metaphorical mobile pie, and I felt I should help people sort through all the info in cyberspace. So, let’s get to it.

Becoming a Mobile Developer (Sorta…)

What you will need:  1. A Computer  2. Basic Design Skills  3. Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, or something similar  4. Some start up capital (about $125 for an Android and Apple Developer Account)  5. Brilliant Ideas

  6. Internet Connection (I assume you have this if you are reading this article)

I began making apps using a little program/website called AppMakr.

Step 1: Go to and create an accountStep 2: Start brainstorming for app ideas if you haven’t already.

Step 3: At the AppMakr dashboard, click the “Create New App” button

Step 4: You will have to decide which platform to make your app for. iOS has the most option.

Here is where you need to get your design skills ready.

Step 5: You need to design your app icon, splash screen, and header.

  • iOS Icon Size: 512 x 512
  • iOS Splash Screen Size: 640 x 960
  • iOS Header Size: 640 x 88

Step 6: Add you artwork to the app and begin adding tabs.

iOS has a few tab types available: RSS/Atom, Photo Album, Geo RSS, Post Message, Ning, and HTML/Phonegap.

Step 7: Once you add you tabs and fill in the app information, all that is left is to set-up push notifications, social sharing options, and deciding if you want ads on your app.

Step 8: Upload your app through Apple or AppMakr.

Your Done!!! You are now technically a app developer.

If you decide to upload the app to the Android Market or Apple App Store, both have available walk-throughs. (Be aware that to upload to Apple you MUST have an Apple Computer.) AppMakr is very flexible. It allows almost anyone to make an app, but you can also make a more professional looking app with the html/phonegap tabs. AppMakr has a good writeup on using the html tab feature.

Still have questions? Leave a comment here. I will reply as soon as possible.