Future of torrent hosting websites

Torrent is a platform that helps distribute huge quantities of data on the web.  It is commonly used to share and transfer information and there are millions of people using the services. It is probably the only service that has the single largest number of users on the Internet. Torrent has the right to distribute content that is owned by several Hollywood studios as it obtained several licenses for the same. Several music albums of leading bands release video clips and sound tracks through Torrent. There are several radio programs that can be downloaded using Podcasting software through this platform.

Of late Torrent seems to face a shaky future. There are several copyright infringement cases against Torrent. One simply cannot imagine what a major breakdown can cause, and how much data can get stranded, if all of Torrent’s sites were to shut down all of a sudden. However, the prospect does not look all that gloomy. It is not like without Torrent no data can be distributed. An alternate can always be located as was done in the case of The Pirate Bay.

Notwithstanding, there seems to be some substance in the  allegations,  as proved in the case of The Pirate Bay, the largest Torrent site, who said  that they were being converted into non-entities by ‘distributed hash Table’ or DHT and peer exchange, referred to as PEX. This has prompted The Pirate Bay to say that they intend to keep away from Torrent. They had said so a couple of years ago and it seems like it is now time to act. The first step Pirate Bay has taken is to make magnets the download links instead of Torrents that was consistently used for the past 5 years. Their decision to keep away from and stop serving Torrent files for ever has caused a lot of ripples and has left regular users perplexed.

However, this confusion cannot last forever. Once the users realize that they will simply need to depend on Magnet link instead of the regular Torrent file and they will still be able to download files and business will be as usual. Yes, business will be as usual for The Pirate Bay, how about Torrent?  They seem to be in a real fix, what with The Pirate Bay claiming that less bandwidth will be required for hosting, which is a distinct advantage. Conversely, it is bound to take a longer time for the users to download. The users who, till now were used to quick downloads, will not react favorably to this development, which in turn could affect The Pirate Bay. It appears that a lot of give and take is involved here.

This can only mean that Torrent will have to think twice before making the next move. They may have to give up the practice of storing Torrent files in a centralized server. They will no longer be able to deploy centralized trackers for the benefit of the peers who used to use them for their communication needs. This restraint could be due to legal constraints that may be placed on Torrent, and how they wiggle out of wrangle remains to be seen. However, for the regular users, it is back to business as usual. The only issue if you could call it one would be the extra time they would be spending for downloading.

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