[Give Away] 1AVCapture – The complete audio video recording and broadcasting solution for FREE

Few days ago i searched on Google for an effective software to create video tutorials on web development. I found many and tried few of them. But they wasn’t good enough, finally i found 1AVCapture. It was really good for my purpose. After that i contacted with PCWinSoft (1AVCapture) to provide free copies of 1AVCapture for my readers to try. Within 3 hours they replied that they are interest to give free copies of 1AVCapture just only for Techncom readers.

Now, let me share some information about 1AVCapture. Usually costing $59.99 1AVCapture you to capture anything you can hear and see on your PC to your hard drive.


1AVCapture can record movies from inside web browsers and media players, it can record narrated tutorials of screen activity, it can record your voice, it can record your favorite songs from the Internet, it can record your webcam, your TV tuner, a device attached to your TV Tuner, it can time-stamp the video recorded files. The same goes for broadcasting: 1AVCapture can broadcast movies in HD for you to share with your friends. It can broadcast your Stereo Mix line for you to have your own Internet radio, it can screencast your narrated tutorials, possibilities are only limited only to the extent of your hardware installed devices.

1AVCapture has a near zero learning curve: Right out the box it detects the hardware you have installed and creates ready-to-use profiles so you don’t have to configure absolutely anything. Secondly 1AVCapture comes with 19 profile slots: What are these profiles slots? Each profile slot is a combination of audio video source and atask, so you can have a profile to record songs from the web, you can have another profile to record narrated tutorials from your screen, you can have another profile to broadcast your webcam, and you can switch among profiles with the click of a button. This way you never have to re-configure anything ever. All profile is one click away at any time. 1AVCapture is very practical.


1AVCapture lets you publish the contents of your broadcasts inside your own web page or on a ready-to-be-uploaded web page. You can either let 1AVCapture upload a broadcast page to your server via FTP , or you can copy the embeddable code 1AVCapture provides for you and paste it on your web page, and just like that you get live-video on your website.

1AVCapture also comes equipped with a powerful scheduler so that you can program your recording tasks and broadcasting tasks. 1AVCapture is the ultimate audio video capture and broadcast software solution.

It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

To receive your free copy of 1AVCapture simply register here: