Integrating Social Media with Your Blog

Social media, when used correctly, can be a fast and easy way to greatly increase the traffic to your blog. The purpose of social networking is connecting and sharing information with others; you can take advantage of this and make certain that it is your valuable information that people are sharing. There are a few simple ways that you can encourage your subscribers and followers to spread the word regarding your blog posts.

Integrating Social Media

First, you should make it very easy for your readers to share the information. The less work they need to do, the more likely they will be to take action. If you use WordPress for your blog, you can choose from WordPress themes that will allow you to add social media buttons to the bottom of every single post. Savvy social media users are typically very familiar with these sharing tools. With just one click of the icon, they can instantly share your post to their entire network.

When adding social media buttons to your blog posts, there are positives and negatives to adding as many as possible. If you add a button for every single social media platform, this can become overwhelming to the reader. You can clean up the style and layout of the post by just hitting the big ones: Facebook and Twitter. Most of your readers will at least use one of these two major platforms, and if you only have these two buttons, they will stand out more effectively.

You can also promote your blog posts on your own social media accounts to direct your followers to your blog. This is a great way to improve your site statistics. However, avoid the temptation to use applications that will automatically post to your social media sites. Take the extra time to create the post yourself. Your social media networks are less likely to follow a link if it looks as if it were auto-generated. You will get more clicks if you take the time to make a customized and personal post that will lead readers to the blog.

Lastly, do not be afraid to include a call to action. This may seem a bit forward, but readers to respond to phrases like, “like this post on Facebook” or, “Share this post with your Twitter followers”. Sometimes readers need this motivation or reminder. Remind your readers that if they like a certain topic or type of post, they should let you know by sharing it, so that you can produce similar content for them. This is a relationship that is win-win for everyone.