Online Consumer Complaint Filing Platforms in India

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Consumers are the biggest ever known group that has every right to file complaints against a company or a person who is a fraud. Nowadays, there is a significant chance to be cheated, as there are many advertisements that companies use for publicity. The company may try to cheat customer using the image of their brand ambassador. There also have been instances when many companies promise lucrative jobs in India to their customers but in reality, they are a hoax.

Indian government maintains six rights and one of these is if a company cheats a consumer. As nobody knows about these fundamental rights several times the consumer, complaints go unheard. it is certainly much necessary to implement consumer protection rights.

In India, there are many online consumer complaint forums available in order to make the consumers knowledgeable enough to decide on what should be done if they have to file a complaint against a company or a person. These forums help even a nonprofessional to be aware of the legal formalities to go through to file their complaints and achieve justice. Consumers can file their complaints just by registering in the available online consumer complaint forums, as they provide legitimate solutions. These complaints are done once you fill a basic form online. Such forums have a panel of experts to resolve the consumer issues.

Here, are some of the online consumer complaints websites to file complaints against leading brands.

E-Consumer Complaints

Consumer has to register with E-consumer Complaints before he is able to send a complaint. For the registration point here, all that you need to do is to fill in your name, email id and phone number wherever required in the website. Its global Alexa rating is 93K and 22k in India. Consumers have another option to follow the website in facebook as this site has more than 28000 fans in facebook. Almost 32-big firms are actively listening to such websites, including Airtel, Vodafone, HDFC Bank, Snap Deal etc., and all the biggies in the industry.

Consumer Complaints

Here in the website the consumer has to register with a user name and email id. There are high chances that you discover some of the fake complaints in this website, but even then, this is a darned good site to place your complaints. Well, this website has an Alexa rank of 129k globally.

Complaints Board

This website offers the consumers to be flexible and file their complaints by using facebook login to it. Complaints Board manages high website traffic compared to many other sites. This web site has been ranked 4.3k Alexa globally, and US rank is 2k. Most of the leading company executives will contact you via this website as many of the global companies monitor these sites.

India Consumer Board

This website comes up with the regular forum look, with which you are familiar. Many companies watch this website, and this is hugely popular. The Alexa rank globally is 283k, and the Indian rank is 19k.

Complaints India

This is a website which asks you to provide as much as the information you can before you post a complaint. This offers an alternative to enter the company mail id that is likely to get the email. This results in prompt action from the respective company.


Akosha assists to consumers and brands in resolving consumer complaints and increasing customer satisfaction. Akosha provides the best solution available by building up a sizeable relation with the consumers and the brands.

This website gives an opportunity to ordinary people to speak and raise their voice against the faulty services or products and to get help from the experts.

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