Google Adsense Best Practices

There are many who have been optimizing their websites for Google AdSense and waiting for results for a long time. Some people think it is not worth the wait and give up, while some execute their plan B. All strategies followed, don’t give the expected result and hence there is a need to carefully plan strategies to enjoy the benefits. You need to have a lot of patience if you want to reap the benefits of using AdSense. It can take about two to three years to actually generate a decent income. There are many people who claim to optimize their site so that it becomes popular overnight. However, these are not reliable and you need to wait patiently to start benefiting from AdSense. The reason why it takes such a long time to give results is it will take a long time for your site to gain the traffic necessary to generate as many clicks as needed in turn to give you the desired income.

There are some effective strategies that you can follow to increase the number of clicks the AdSense ads on your website get.

  1. Place the ads where the readers see. You have done the right thing by bringing in relevant advertisements for your readers. All that you have to do now is to place them where readers see. It has been found that most of the readers’ attention is on the left side of the page. Therefore, place the advertisement pane on the left side or on the top left corner of the webpages.
  2. Another way to place ads is to camouflage them with the content. Place them somewhere in the middle of the text such that the text wraps the advertisements. It is one of the most effective methods as the readers are given the opportunity to respond to the content as and when they are reading it and such ads have only a slim chance of going unnoticed.
  3. The other place where advertisements are best noticed is near the navigation bar, especially the ones on the left and the right side. Most people don’t use the navigation bars on the top and bottom and they find the ones on the left and right side easy to use. Therefore, placing the advertisements near them will make them easily noticeable.
  4. Try to place the advertisements on the top of the page unless the content is very long and the readers need to scroll to read the whole content. It is because the ads are best noticed when placed on top. If you are going to have a long article, placing the ads below the article can be a good choice because the readers can click on them after reading the content.
  5. The colors matter, too. If the ads contain flash it may attract the attention but not everyone likes to look at flash content in bright colors. To such people, it is more irritating than attractive. Therefore, maintain default colors throughout the page to make the readers feel undisturbed by ads.

Try a combination of these strategies to get the best result. However, the best strategies for different types of sites vary and so, you will need to try each of them to find out the best for your site. And as said already, you need to wait patiently to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.