How to Generate Potential Blogging Content

You have an idea that’s threatening to explode in your head. You rush to your laptop and type away on the keyboard furiously. Even before you publish your ‘irresistible’ article, you are sure that it would fetch thousands of likes, comments and, in short, flood you with visitors. You are desperate to publish it immediately lest someone hijacks your ‘winning’ ideas. After punishing your keyboard mercilessly, you publish your blog and wait for the magic to begin. Yet, nothing happens. All your blog manages is, garner few visits and even fewer comments. Experienced this already? So has every blogger worth his name.

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Apart from all the technical aspects of blogging, to become a successful blogger, you need to have the ability to write informative, original and compelling blog posts regularly.

Here are some tips to help you generate blogging content.

Never underestimate the power of research:

Looking for topics to write about is one of the most important and difficult aspects of generating blog contents. Its better if you select topics that are informative and unique rather than write about something you assume will interest your readers. Needless to say, the content should be related to your blog and be useful to your readers in some way or the other.

It pays to stay updated:

It’s better to always keep yourself updated about world affairs because that is where your audience is. Stay updated about ideas, technologies and events so that you can make your blog relevant, informative and entertaining. This not only makes your blog post appear interesting, it also makes your blog stay alive and active.

Get creative:

Try getting more creative with the selection and execution of topics. You can veer away from your comfort zone once in a while to open up your creativity and add uniqueness to your blog.

Make use of attention grabbing titles:

Attractive titles set your blog apart. But if your post doesn’t deliver what your titles promises, then you won’t find readers coming back to your blog. It’s always better to first write a topic and then work your blog around it. This helps you stay focused.

Publish informative and entertaining content:

Choose a topic that is informative as well as entertaining. Fulfill some need of your readers by giving information and creating a great resource. Give reasons for your readers to spend time reading your blog.

Make smart use of keywords:

Make use of keywords your audiences are currently searching for and try using them as naturally as possible.

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Don’t let jargon get in the way of good content:

Don’t confuse your readers with technical jargon. You are more likely to have a steady flow of traffic when the content is simple and easily understandable. Your audience will enjoy content that seems to be a conversation rather than plain information.

Tailor content for your readership:

When you write something that doesn’t concern your readers, it’s highly unlikely that they would ever read your articles. For someone in the USA, local TV listings of East Asian countries wouldn’t matter. So make your content related to the needs and wants of your readers.

Finally, be original.

While spending time on making the content as compelling as possible, invest some time in making it original as well. Your readers will appreciate average content which is unique rather than read interesting content that’s available everywhere on the internet.