Dissecting the value of CommentLuv Blog Commenting

Who does not love Blog Commenting?

As long as the topic is interesting, you would love to go to the comment section and give your thoughts on the blog. However, generic answers like “Nice post” and “Excellent read” are not really advised because the person who made the blog would find out right away that you did not really read the blog. You would be marked for spam and they would know you just commented for one reason alone.

Writing is an art

CommentLuv Blog Commenting

This is a type of plugin where you comment at another person’s blog and the comment would give a link to your blog. It actually benefits both sides because the person who just commented would be able to drive more traffic to his website because he is basically promoting his website and the blog would get more comments if it has this form of blog commenting.

It is basically a way of promoting your website by giving a backlink at the blog you have commented on. Other forms of dropping backlinks include commenting at forums where your blog is related and whenever you are guest posting on a blog.

You should take advantage of being able to put a backlink on the signature of your profile at the message board. You can actually register at many message boards as long as they are related to your blog. For example, if your blog is about food then go to message boards that are related to food. You can find message boards like that by searching on Google.

CommentLuv Blog Commenting is still being used by many bloggers for these reasons:

1) It filters spam comments

Let’s face it. Who would want to have his blog look like a spammy mess? You would now say goodbye to bloggers making useless comments on your blog. You will no longer see replies like “Nice” and “Awesome”. In fact, it is better to have no replies than to see those replies on your blog.


2) It helps the commentators by generating a backlink to his last blog post

You will no doubt be able to generate more traffic to your website if a link to your last blog post is provided together with your reply. This is why you must also make a very sensible reply. It must be something that could even lead to a fruitful discussion between you and the blogger.

3) It helps the commentators for social media sharing

If the blog has a lot of validity in it then a lot of people would love to share it to their friends. That means if you commented to it then it will drive a lot of traffic to your website because it was shared through many social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. We should never underestimate the power by which traffic to a website can increase by virtue of social media giants.

I recommend CommentLuv Blog Commenting because it is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. Not only that, but you will also be able to help the blogger who made the blog you commented on as well. Everybody wins in this case and nobody loses.

Everyone should continue to use this as long as they have a good reason for people to visit their website. If your website is empty and dull then you should not use this anymore. You can just go back to the old type of commenting like nothing changed. However, CommentLuv Blog Commenting is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. It is a good way to drive traffic to your website and you would even learn from the blog posts you read. Don’t pretend you read them because the person who made the post will mark your comment as spam if you made a silly comment.