Facebook Marketing: Common Mistakes and Prevention Tips

Social networking sites are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. But these sites work equally well as marketing toolsFacebook for instance, is a free and effective way to sell products and services. Regardless of the size of the businessyou can reach a wide audience and make your presence felt with a few simple steps. Even so, there are common mistakes that are committed in a Facebook marketing campaign and here is how you can prevent them from happening.
Facebook Marketing

Doing too much

There is a misconception that to be on Facebook, constantly- with lengthy updates, minute-by-minute accounts and tons of information in the news feed is the right way to go about a marketing campaign. If you don’t want to be lost in the mountain of information that emerges on Facebook each day, remember the dictum of ‘less is more’.

When you do post, be careful about what you put out there, don’t write long, wordy status updates and always try to engage with the audience.

Not using statistics

The success of a marketing strategy depends on whether or not it is effective. Facebook has enough and more tools to understand the metrics of how your business page is doing. A common mistake is to assume that the page is not important or that the statistics don’t mean anything. You’re ignoring the numbers at your own peril! Read the data and see what it is saying to you. Leveraging the information will work to your advantage because you can tweak your marketing plan depending on what the metrics throw up.

Not keeping the reader in mind

Companies are so often caught up in their own plans, that they forget the most important element in the whole picture- the customer. If you’re creating a marketing strategy, the customer has to be at the front and center of it. Your status updates, even your page and its contents have to be designed with the reader in mind. Not doing this is a classic mistake that many businesses commit. Before you make your Facebook debut, think about what your target audience is and direct your communication towards them.

Offering more than you can give

Facebook too, is filled with pages and businesses that are not the real thing. An easy way to show that you mean business is to always under-promise and over-deliver. As a promotional activity you could offer discounts and freebies but be realistic about what you can give and what you cannot. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth when a retailer backs off from his given word.

Not following the rules

Facebook has a code of conduct that you should follow. For instance, there are contest guidelines that must be adhered to. The content on your site should not be offensive or objectionable and gimmickry will get you nowhere. Do not use incorrect information on anything, including price or cover photographs that are a copyright violation. Do follow the proper code of conduct and you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons- not the wrong ones.

Apart from this, businesses often make the mistake of not using Timeline and Ad Options, both of which are very powerful tools. Think about incorporating them into your marketing plan for added success.