When Blogging is Boring

We all have those days. When we have zero energy and drive. When we feel drained or sick or tired or all of the above. However we know that keeping your blog updated is one of the most important factors of having a successful blog. So, how do we stay productive even when the idea of blogging seems boring? Here are some helpful tips:

Write like you talk

When Blogging is BoringOne of the things I love about blogging is that it is such a natural form of writing. Unlike my high school and college classes there is no one grading your writing and counting off for missed commas, run on sentences or telling you to have one inch margins. In a blog you can really write the way you speak, which some writer seem to forget. If you blog has become one long infomercial or you feel like a robot in training, spice it up a bit. Add some dialogue. Tell a funny story. Be a human being. By writing more naturally you can show readers that there is a person behind all those words. That you have a life and dreams and goals just like they do. By writing naturally you can also enjoy your writing a lot more and relax a little. If you are really struggling then do what I have to sometimes. Record yourself saying whatever it is you want to write and then listen to it and type it up. Voila. Easy. After all, everyone can talk!

Have fun with it

Blogging is all about passion. If you have lost your then find it again! Make your blog fun again by coming up with something different to write about. Maybe you are passionate about another topic right now. It is okay for your blog to get off topic once in a while. Even the best blogs have an ‘uncategorized’ section. The thing is to get back your joy in blogging. People know when you are just dialing it in. Do not be that blogger. Instead find your passion and make blogging fun again. Talk about toys you liked when you were a kid, bands you loved as a teen, fishing or gardening or whatever it is you do as a hobby. Make blogging a part of what you enjoy and you will enjoy blogging more too.

Stretch your topic

Some topics seem like the same old thing day in and day out. The thing is readers feel that way about it to. Maybe you have a blog about cars. You talk about car problems and car parts and it all just arts to look the same. Bring life back into your blog by stretching your topic. If you talk about cars then write a post about supermodels that started off on car ads or car designs that never worked or go even further out and talk about space travel and how cars influenced it and vice versa. The idea is to find something that is marginally related to your blog topic but that can be fun for you to write and readers to read.

Talk to someone

Look, let’s be honest here. I like to talk. Wow, no shocker. However when I write I forget that about myself. I forget what it is like to communicate with someone one on one rather than the masses as a whole. Then someone will come into my office and wake me up, so to speak. My best writing is usually done after a gab fest with friends or family where I express my frustration at blogging. We get to talking about my blog topic and then I am off again, filled with the same passion as before. But I also get their insight into the topics. What they know and do not know. What they are interested in reading about. All these ideas are new to me, so I think getting out of your own head once in a while is valuable way to be a better blogger.

Use multimedia

If you are really stuck and have zero desire to write at all, you can do what I have done on occasion. I use multimedia to fill in the gaps. Let’s say I am having a bad day and can’t seem to get anything written. Instead of writing the whole day off as a failure I find an image, video, infographic or whatever to post that day. A sentence or two to explain how it fits with my blog or what I am going through is all it takes to have a post on my blog in no time flat. If you are a creative or artistic person you could even make your own video or infographic. Most laptops nowadays have a built in webcam and microphone, so making a YouTube video is a breeze. If you have a designer’s mindset you can even tinker around with making an infographic or a cool image to post to your blog. It makes a welcome change from writing some of the time!

Get inspired

Like I said earlier I get inspired by talking to my friends and family. However there are many other places to find inspiration. Check out the competition for one. Blogs in your same nice often have good ideas that you can use, providing you put your own spin on things. Read the news and see if something new has happened or check out social media for great new ideas. Whatever people are talking about a lot is a sure hit on your blog if you post it quick. Some things can even lead you to entirely new areas to cover on your blog, and Pinterest is a great source for images that are compelling and interesting to readers.

Do something different

Along with online inspiration you can find a lot of inspiration off line as well. Do something different in your real life to inspire your writing. Go see a theater production, visit an ethnic restaurant, and hang out in a different part of town. Check out a museum or art gallery. New experiences means new ideas which mean more to write on. Even if you just go for a walk somewhere new the chances are you will run into something you have never seen or experienced before, and it might be something that you can include in your blog. Your brain needs more fuel than just food and sleep. It knees new things to keep it alive and active and up to the task of writing day in and day out.

Do an exchange

Okay, so maybe you feel like writing, just not on your blog’s topic. You do not want to post random stuff on your blog however. What can you do? Why not writing exchange? Guest posting, as it is also called, is a great way to write something new for another person’s blog. In an exchange, they would also write something for your blog. If you are both on topic than everyone wins. It is a fun way to make friends in the blogging world and show other bloggers you appreciate all the work they have put into their blogs. You also get to exchange links, which helps to increase your blog’s ranks on search engines like Google. Altogether, an exchange is a great idea for bored bloggers.

These are just a few ways that you can make the most of your blog, even when you find it boring. Do not give in or give up. Instead, bring passion back to your blogging and do something new and fun with it!