5 Stumbling Blocks that could get your Blog’s Success Derailed in 2012

The route to blogging success is not a smooth freeway where you could simply start from point A to B. There will always be difficulties each blogger must face coupled with the growing responsibilities of keeping your blog a constant success. If you are not up for the challenge, then you have to be contented with being labeled as mediocre. But if you ever decide to rise from the doldrums then here are 5 pitfalls to avoid that ensure your success.

Not possessing enough skills

A blogger does not have to be a writing or tech geek. But this does not mean you are free to start without knowing anything. Before you blog, make sure you have the basic skills in writing, blog creation, maintenance, networking, managing and SEO. You can’t rely on help from others all the time. Learn everything about your niche and equip yourself with enough technical skills. After all you’re doing this over an electronic platform.

Not focusing on your Readers

Many bloggers still write with SEO at the top of their priority list. They forget that it is people who read their blog, not search engines. Hence, they end up producing keyword-dense but low-quality articles.

As a blogger, you should not be obsessed with keywords. Content is the new king. Focus on quality and everything will fall in its place. But this should not be an excuse to neglect SEO either.

Failing to Communicate with your Readers

Creating a good article is tiring enough and replying to your followers could be a daunting task. But as a blogger, it is your duty to reply to your visitor’s comments for example. After all, having thousands of followers is your optimum goal. Consider their comments an appreciation of your work. These people who commented read your blog and made the extra effort replying to your post. Replying to visitor comments and emails enhances your reputation. This puts a human face to your blog and makes them feel they are part of the blog.

Being Narrow-minded

We all have our ideals, philosophies, and beliefs. Your thoughts should reflect on your blog in order to give it some unique insights. However, you should not be overzealous and consider each thought the absolute truth. Creating a blog that only imposes your belief while demeaning others’ is counterproductive.

If you think a laptop brand is great, you should focus on its qualities instead of gathering all the bad things you could say about other brands. Always prioritize the good points and minimize on criticizing others.

Be open-minded in responding to reader comments. A little politeness and fairness would not hurt. Do not turn your comment threads into war zones. Respond to visitors with facts, not with blinded opinion.

Laziness and Tarrying

Blogging is a freelance enterprise. It gives you the privilege to work on whatever content you want, at any time you prefer. However, you must not abuse this privilege. Don’t delay your work until they have piled up into a mass of unfinished tasks. The enormous list of things to do will make you lose the appetite to work. Delaying is very counter-productive. Make do with the time you have. Focus on efficiency, spending countless hours in front of the computer does not necessarily translate to productivity.

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