Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Your business is small but that does not mean that you would not give it your best shot to make it large in the virtual front. Since all businesses are going online these days, you need to have your business’s online presence. But just having a website is not enough. As your budget is small, you will not be able to splurge money on SEO and that means you will be lagging behind big boys forever. Thankfully, the picture is not that mush dismal with social media marketing. Social media marketing is not about ranking and all that, it is about engagement that you can easily achieve if you are serious about marketing. Here are going to share some tips that you can give a try.

The Real You

Like the rest of the others, you will be ever ready to post links of your website or blog or share some business tips occasionally in Facebook or twitter, but this is what others are doing. There is nothing innovative about it. Why not post something personal in your facebook or Google plus account. You can post whatever you are comfortable with. Like what you like to cook or where you have traveled last weekend. These updates will make you a real person with emotions attached. Since it is a small business, it will help you immensely stay connected to real people who might get transformed into customers.

Put Your best Foot Forward

As a small business owner, you know it very well that money is not the only constraint here, time is another factor too. So, it makes sense that you should focus on two or three social media websites rather than trying your hands on too many of them. Stick to Facebook and Google plus and you will sure have positive outcome. However, you are free to do some market research to find out which social media site has the highest concentration of targeted audience. Once you are done with analysis part, you should put all your focus, energy and money to plump up your presence.

Get Serious About Business

Since you are going to spend your valuable time in facebook, you should do everything possible in your hands to transform it into a lead generation machine. And for this, you need to have a unique facebook fan page with customization. And do not forget to use Like Gating as it will help you get some social love in the form of Facebook Likes. You can offer some giveaway in exchange of their email address and name. Once your database of email address starts expanding, you can send them mail, promotional of course, mentioning some cool deal or certain percentage of rebate on your service. This will help you a lot in getting some quick business leads.

Have a Great Design

A simple default facebook fan page or an ordinary looking twitter interface is certainly not going to help you. You need to make a point that you are investing some amount for designing a nice customized fan page or a background for twitter.

Create a Video

A short video is more effective than a long and boring article. It is less brain draining and asks little from the visitors. All they have to do is to press the play button. YouTube has certainly changed the way video has been used for marketing purpose. Make a point that you have a YouTube video channel and add some nice videos therein and you may be able to get some leads from there too.

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