Some Copywriting Errors that Effect Search Engine Optimization Kent

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With the expansion of Internet and online business the facets of copywriting has changed all over UK. Modern day web copywriting takes into consideration various search engine optimization Kent issues such as coding, design and links. Though the field of SEO copywriting has evolved and has come up as a major arm for SEO campaigns but there are still come follies in use which are severely hampering the chances of search engine optimization Kent success. Below are certain common SEO copywriting errors and ways to avoid them.

Not Enough Time on Content

Spending a lot of time on design and little on copywriting is a major error in terms of search engine optimization Kent. It should be remembered that the content of your website is more important than its design and it is going to be even more important in the future. Search engines follow a simple criteria while ranking – they note what is in a website. You can hire web designer and create a great looking website, but if your content is not up to the mark then you are wasting money. Invest a fair amount of time and money in SEO copywriting. Ask your copywriter before the website is designed rather than asking him/her to fill in the spaces after the website has been designed.

Omission of Keywords

Keyword selection is an important criteria for search engine optimization Kent. Yet many online business owners ignore its importance. If you are well known company then people are going to visit your website anyway. But small and medium companies ignoring keywords have to pay heavy prices. If your website is not optimized in the way it is written then you will lose out on many customers.

Optimizing with Popular Keywords

You should pick specific keywords for what you are looking to optimize. Try to provide website specific information with your keyword selection. Try Find out what people are searching for and measure the competence of those keywords by visiting a few leading search engines. If all your competitors are going for a specific keyword then it is better to find an alternative.

Alternate Spellings or Endings

There are many words which can be spelt differently such as “website” and “web site”. While using such words try to measure which spelling most people are searching by. This will help you optimize words with alternate spellings in the best possible manner.

Keyword Density

You should definitely try to use the keywords in headings, subheads and within first few lines of a copy. The keywords should be used two to five times on the page and you may want to use different keywords per page. Some search engine optimization Kent pundits recommend a keyword density of 3%.

Clumsy Use of Keywords

Using the keywords in a logical way is very important. Keywords should not make a copy appear clumsy. Any keyword should not be used too often. Such copies will not be interesting reading for the visitors and when keywords are put in illogically they offend the search engines too.

Quantity of Text

There are various opinions about the perfect length for any web page. Most agree that the home page should not be more than 250-300 words, but if there is scope word length can be doubled for the purpose. There should be clear headings, subheads and short paragraphs in all the pages.

These are some tips to improve your search engine optimization Kent scopes with copywriting.

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