The Blogger’s Arsenal

There are no shortage of blogs, articles and e-books to be found about blogging and making money. The key is dissecting all the information and deciding what parts of that information will work for you and coming up with your own tips and tricks along the way. Test, fine-tune, test some more and keep constantly learning what works and what doesn’t.

Below are some of the tools and programs I personally use for blogging, in no particular order. I hope you find them helpful.

Blogging Tools & Programs

All of my sites run on WordPress. After trying other platforms, such as TypePad, I always find myself back with WordPress. To make WP that much better I use the Thesis theme (not an affiliate link, I’m just that fond of it). The theme is available for personal use on one blog or you can buy the developer’s option to use it on all the sites you own, which is what I do.

If you run a store off of your site, you should try Shopping Cart Creator Pro, which does offer a free trial so that you can see if meets your needs. It utilizes five payment providers, has easy inventory tracking and for those of us that need it to be stupid easy, WYSIWYG functionality.

Scribefire – is a blog editor that integrates with Firefox and lets you easily post to your blog.

The SEOBook Toolbar and plugins are a must have for all bloggers. From RankChecker to Keyword Suggestion and SEO tools, this is a must have in your blogging arsenal. It simply incorporates so many tools into one that you can’t go wrong.

Dropbox is a must use. Most bloggers have several places and devices they use from Ultrabooks to netbooks to tablets and even smartphones. The beauty of Dropbox is you can access the files from any of these devices.

Evernotemakes it easy to remember all things big and small using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

InBoxQ – This tool is helpful because it helps you find what people are asking about on Twitter. So you can create campaigns utilizing topics that you know about. That way, when someone asks a question with your keywords, you will get an update and can answer the question. It’s also a good way to come up with content ideas for your blog when you see what it is people want to know about.

Focus Booster – If you suffer from doing starting too many things at one time and not getting enough done, this tool will become very handy, very fast. It has a timer to keep you on track and you can download the desktop version or use their online version.

I can’t forget to mention Twitter. Everyone uses it these days, no? And, there are no shortage of Twitter apps and programs, but I personally prefer HootSuite after trying several of them. Their new “Auto Schedule” feature helps to send your tweets out at the most optimal time.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogging apps and tools available but there are only so many that can be listed and these happen to be my favorite. If we missed one that is high on the top of your list of must have tools please do share with us!

About the Author: Belinda Lima is a freelance writer for and She graduated from the University of Texas with her Graduate degree in Creative Writing and now uses her word smith talents and her love of technology to write about a variety of social media, consumer electronics, and mobile accessories topics in her articles. When she’s not writing, Belinda can often be found hiking and rock-climbing the gorgeous vistas that surround her city.

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