>iChromy Another Alternative Browser For The iPhone

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Although Apple does not allow engines to develop different browsers Safari for IOS, except for Opera, it seems a bit silly to launch other browsers for the platform. Fortunately, this does not stop some developers to launch other browsers to IOS.

These browsers are not capable of rendering engines offer different but if that supply many shortcomings of the Apple browser. And it comes as iOS 5 (which greatly improves both the iPhone Safari as the iPhone) can use applications as great as iChromy.

A browser that incorporates some improvements incorporated into other browsers as a tab-based design (useful in the IPAD), a search box and URL unified, browser identification such as a computer and an iPhone application to use some “restricted” , offline viewing … and a lot of options.

The application is free and works quite well, so if you want to add a few extra features to Safari on your iPhone but do not want to wait until you can download IOS iChromy 5. iChromy Web Browser features are given below:

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