Six Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name

Choose-the-right-Domain-NameWhat do you mean by domain name?

Domain name is nothing but is a core of your internet uniqueness i.e. your internet identity. Choice of right domain name is one of the important & difficult tasks for the every blogger & for owner of the company. Domain is something which can`t be changed. It means that in your blog you can change design, CMS, content and hosting. Once you purchase, you can`t change the domain name. It is really very important that you think twice or thrice before taking a step towards getting a domain name. Choosing a right domain name is very important for everyone because it is the brand and symbol of business. Unique but short domain name is very good to remember the name.

So here our aim is to SEO approach to find out right domain name is first step. This is the most important step in SEO strategy. Here are the 6 best & important guidelines for choice of right domain name.

Domain name should be easy & short

While choosing domain name try to keep it short & simple. Short domain name are easy to remember & type. Don’t use hyphens, numbers in the domain names as they are not easy to remember. So use only letters as they are easy to type.  Spellings are also ply important role while selection of right domain name.

Domain name must be Unique

Select a unique domain name for your website while registration. Don’t select misspell word or a particular word because it may be chosen by other popular website? For your business website never use personal name as a domain name. So it is preferred to select domain name which is related to your business or product. One can use name as domain name for their personal blogs.

Assign keywords

Assigning keyword is import ant task in registration of right domain. While working on selection of keyword for right domain name first make a list 15 keyword regarding your business. Try to select less competitive & exclusive keyword by using prefix.

Only Choose Dot (.)Com Available Domains

Domain name comprises of ‘unique name’ + ‘dot extension’. If you are serious about online business, selection of extension plays important role. Most of the organisations are uses .COM, .ORG, .NET as their domain extension. Out of which .COM is the most popular extension for your unique domain name as it is easy to remember.

Avoid Violation of Copyright

Don’t register copyrighted word as your domain name, as it will destroy your domain as well as your business. Again avoid using trademark names as it is a disobedience of worldwide internet rule. 

Purchase your domain for long time

As per Google research it has been found that spam website means the domain name are get registered for one year. So to avoid the spam in Google you can register your domain for at least for 5 years. So if you register for long term it has a chance of getting highly rank in Google. Thus long term Registration of domain is best for SEO as it has a less possibility of losing your valuable domain. So always register your domain for 5 to 10 years for enhancing opening for higher ranking in search engine optimization.

Thus we discuss about the 6 important tips for choice of right domain name for your business.