Best Tips and Tricks to Search Google Better

Google has become a very popular search engine used by internet users. You can find instant information that you need to use Google search but there are some tips and tricks that you may not know that could help improve the quality of your search result. Google has many useful features and understanding how to work your way on them will give you better and quick results for your search.

Faviconize your Google search
Searching in Google could provide you a lot of results for your search. It may be too time consuming checking each text link and texts that could offer you the information that you are looking for but you can cut down the process of sorting through the links  by using Favocinize Google where it will show small icons on every search result to immediately know which website the link is from. In order to make the favorite icon appear on your page, you need to download the favicon as a favicon.ico file and save it to your webserver directory.

Use the autopagerize script
If you need to look for more search results it can be a hassle to click on the “next page” tab in order to see numerous results. Using the autopagerize script for Google search will allow you to enjoy an infinite scrolling experience for search results without the hassle of clicking on the next tab. You can simply download autopagerize as an add on extension for Chrome.

Use Google cache
There are moments when you try to click on a result that you previously visited and you can no longer access the web page, it is possible that the site may be down temporarily but you can still access it using the Google Cache by clicking on the instant preview button to view the page again. This will give you the ability to retrieve back an information you previously found on a site during your search that is no longer available. To use the Google cache for search, hover the mouse over the previous search result and there will appear a double arrow sign that will show a preview of the cached version of the search result that you made earlier.

Eliminate Spam on your search
Not all Google users are familiar with the Block function available when using the Google search. Search results may include spammed contents and Google can identify them and offers protection to its users. Whenever you visit a site that is not useful and when you hit the back button, Google will show a link that allows you to choose to block the site in order to remove them from your search result. Therefore you can filter the quality of your search result by selecting only quality sites to appear from your search. You can simply download the Personal Blocklist extension for Chrome in order to start blocking domains and websites that you don’t want to appear in your search in Chrome.

Tricks to find similar and comparison terms
A unique trick in searching for similar and comparison terms in Google searches is to use “better than” for comparing terms or keywords and using “reminds me of” for similar terms. Google will give you more alternative results in whatever you are searching for. Another way to search for similar or related terms and documents will be to use ~ before the word you are searching for. For instance, you want to search for nutrition, then you can type ~nutrition and related search results will also appear to include health, foods for instance that are related to your search.

Turn off Google Search annoying features
Google has a new personalized result that could be annoying to some of its users. The good news is that there are ways that you can turn them off. Its feature Search Plus Your World may be turned off from the setting of your browser. Once you have signed up for the Google + and Picasa sharing you will start receiving personalized results from your search which will be indicated by the blue globes icon located at the upper right of a web page. Simply look for the Search Settings located at the upper right of the browser, click on it and then click the option “do not use personal results”  under the personal result tab.

Find your search term
There is a quick way of finding your search term from the web page that appears on your search by using the Ctrl+F in order to search for them within the page. You can also install the Google Quick Scroll in Chrome and it could highlight the search term within the page results.

Use Google search shortcuts
There are Google search shortcuts that could simplify your search method and obtain better and specific results. These tips and tricks are good shortcuts that will help get optimized results. To search for release dates of movies or games, type (name of the movie or game) (release date); to search for the current movie showtimes, type (name of movie) (zip code) to get search results from the theaters in your local area; and to get factual information such as statistics, dates or population just type (name of the person searched) (date of birth) or (name of mountain) (elevation) according to the applicable terms for your search.

Using Google search for mathematical solving
It may not be a common knowledge among Google users that they could use the Google search for mathematical equations. Simply type the numerical equation like 25+10 and hit search and you will find the solution to your mathematical problem. You can also use Google search as a scientific calculator such as finding the square root of 10 by typing sqrt (10).

The trick of using quotation marks in your search
If you want to find results in the exact word you are searching for, enclosing the keyword or phrase that you are searching for inside a quotation mark will do the trick in delivering your specific keyword search. The search result will exclude other related searches and will only provide you the exact match for your keyword search. Thus, if you want to obtain an exact search result for the word “Guest Posting Service” it will exclude other related searches like guest posting sites as it will filter the result to be exact only as the one you are searching for. Thus when making a search enclose the word you are searching for inside a quotation mark from the search bar and then hit the search tab to display specific results.