Using Social Media to Grow Your Brand

Social media is becoming a driving force in online businesses and you should make use of as much of it as you can when you are trying to build a brand online. Once you have established your brand, make sure you continue to maintain it and cultivate it so that it does not leave the public sphere. Your ultimate goal is to create a product or a service that is memorable enough for clients to become advocates of what you have to offer of their own accord.

There are many steps that you can take to create this kind of image in your clients’ perception of your brand and social media can help you immensely.

Understanding the key way to use social media

Do not take social media for granted. It does not exist to simply be a vehicle for your advertising or marketing materials. Conversions that are too blatant and obvious are often a turn off for most consumers and by being too pushy with your sales tactics in social media, you can end up creating precisely the opposite of what you want.

A negative reputation is difficult to fix on the Internet, so it is imperative that you get this right the first time.

Create content for content’s sake

And that leads to the fundamental purpose of social media – to create interesting or entertaining content. Businesses who quickly realize that the way they can reach out to clients the most effectively is to create great content quickly create the kind of profits they were looking for in the first place. When you create stunning content related to your industry, you are creating an image of your business or organization in the customer’s mind of a real authority on the subject.

As an example, a company that deals with web design and technology for websites and business operations should create a blog that focuses on issues in these two industries. The blog should be updated regularly with useful content for website creators, business owners and online entrepreneurs that show you how to use software you have created, instruct on good business practices and so on. What you are doing with this informative content is creating an image of yourself as a go-to person for your topic. This creates customer and investor confidence and allows you to capitalize on trust – which is key for building any brand.

Reveal and be entertaining when appropriate

At appropriate times, revealing inside information about your business that can be beneficial to a certain audience can be extremely useful once again from a trust-building point of view. Clients who can see a glimpse of your business and get a human perspective are more likely to buy from you, especially if your business is over the Internet. The World Wide Web can be a very anonymous place full of mistrust and customer confidence is definitely strengthened when they can see who your key personnel are and why they are good people to work with.

Entertainment is also appropriate for many industries of some sort and you can use content sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, DreamsTime, Pinterest and Scribd to share video, audio, picture and text files that can be entertaining. Your marketing and public relations team will ideally be highly trained in how to relate to audiences and think of appropriate content for you.

Instant media and updates

Media such as Facebook, Twitter and to a slightly lesser extent Linkedin can also be used effectively to reach clients and staff directly and to create interest in the content you are creating for other sites as well as your own.

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