Comments Policy

Discussions and comments are very important to make a blog successful. That’s why I encourage your comments on Techncom. Just for you I made Techncom Dofollow, KeywordLuv & CommentLuv enabled which give you a strong backlink with most recent post promotion of you blog. I want everyone join on discussing to and actively participate in sharing their views on topics, agreeing or disagreeing with me. To keep clean and meaningful discussion, I want to implement a comments policy which commentators have to follow.

  • All spam comments are simply marked as spam and will be deleted.
  • You have to put your name on “Name” section. Without real name of commentator link will be deleted. If you really want to put your keyword name you can follow “Name @ Keyword”, here keyword will be linked because of KeywordLuv plugin.
  • Comments that include porn/violent websites links will be deleted.
  • Comments in profane language and which include personal attacks will be trashed.
  • There is no need to leave your website’s link in the comment, unless extremely necessary.
  • Duplicate comments will be deleted.
  • I will edit your comments under cases where there are spelling errors, removing unnecessary links, grammar errors, and any other ambiguities. If you are not happy with the editing you can submit a request/appeal via the contact form.
  • I will unlink any broken or invalid links.

I always respect freedom of speech. So, you havel rights to express your own opinion but do it politely.