How To Invite Your All Facebook Friends To Google+

Google+ is one of the most popular social networking site, which currently run as an invitation based networking site. If you planning to invite all your Facebook friends and wants connect with them on Google+, here is a cool tutorial which will help you to invite all Facebook friends to Google+.

You can’t invite your Facebook friends directly on Google+. To do this, you have to use Yahoo. First import all Facebook contacts to Yahoo. Then from Yahoo, import contacts to Google+. Lets start with Importing Facebook contacts to Yahoo.

Google+ Invitation: Get One At Techncom

How to Import Facebook Contacts into Yahoo?

First login to your Yahoo account. From Contacts page click on “Import Contacts”.

Now, from Import Contacts page choose Facebook to import. If you are already Logged In to Facebook, its directly import contacts from your Facebook profile. If not, you have to Log In to do next.

How to Import Facebook/Yahoo Contacts to Google+?

Now LogIn to your Google+ Account. Go ‘Circles’ > ‘Find People’ and then click “Yahoo” to import contacts for Yahoo.

Now, you have to authorize access to Yahoo to import contacts. By agreed this page your all Yahoo contact will be added on Google+.

That’s it. I hope this will help you. You can create a new circle named ‘Facebook Friends’ or anything else. Enjoy and stay connected with your friends.

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