Social Media and Brand Ambassadors

With the rise of Social Media and the ever increasing popularity of Social Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the customer service game has totally changed. Customers want immediate acknowledgement and resolution and are not willing to wait endlessly listening to the call Centre hold tune. Consumers want instant gratification even in customer services.

And now customer service has moved online with the advent and popularity of Social Media outlets. Smart and Savvy Businesses have started using the social media space to get closer to their customers and increase their service levels up a notch vis-à-vis the competition. Social Media brings the business closer to its consumers and gives a face and forum that if used imaginatively and promptly can provide huge benefits for the brand.

Based on a recent study, it has been found that consumers are more inclined to leave positive messages about the brand and will give some initial warning to the company before posting a negative comment. It is the job of the company and its social media manager to handle the negative comments with care so that they don’t cause major PR embarrassments.

Customers whose issues are addressed promptly will spread the positive word which can have a very effective viral effect as things travel fast in the social space. They will be your silent brand ambassadors and will spread the word and even help other consumers. A satisfied and happy customer is the aim and it helps in gaining the edge which each business wants.

Some tips for a business to use the social media space effectively are:

Speed of resolution
When a consumer posts an issue online, he expects instant response which should be done promptly. The issue being acknowledged in time is half the battle won as he feels that he has an ear and somebody is listening. If the response drags, then it has a negative effect on the brand. Don’t give the consumer time to start bad-mouthing.

Transparency and Visibility
Be transparent and post your response on the public space as it can help other customers as well. It can become a great resource for future reference and a guide point for other customers who will refer to the link or post. Join the conversation and see how the consumers talk about your brand.

Reliable and Constant
If a query has been posted on different social platform, the response should be the same and consistent throughout so as not to confuse the customers. Service should be consistent throughout to promote brand recognition and loyalty.

Efficient Social Media Management
The staff managing the social media platforms needs to be organized and have a common vision and goal so that they do not speak in different voices on different platform. Always remember that the consumers are very smart and will catch you in a jiffy. Each team member should be on the same page and the company should present a united face and picture.

The social media managers should always keep the conversation informal and acknowledge the person. They need to build a connection with the customer. The whole experience should be interactive and not intimidating.

Social Media provides a huge market for the brands and it gives them the ability to turn consumers into brand ambassadors which pay you money and promote your business as well. It is a win-win situation for all provided it is used effectively and proactively.

About the Author: Kelly Jones writes for She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.