How Often Should I Post on my Blog?

When starting a blog, writers often struggle with the common question of how frequently they should post on a blog. This is not an easy question to answer, as there are a number of factors that influence the blogger’s decision. But regardless of whether the blogger posts weekly or daily, it is important to maintain consistency. The following questions can help bloggers decide what type of content schedule is right for them.

Right content schedule for blogger

What Type of Blog?

When bloggers are devising a content schedule, they should first consider the type and subject matter of their blog. If their blog focuses on a broad category, then they may have a wider variety of blog ideas to draw upon, feeding a more frequent schedule. However, a niche blog, such as a blog on background checks, may require the writer to spend more time and thought in writing, which may require a weekly schedule. One common problem with niche blogs is that writers can run out of topics to write on, running into a dry spell. But bloggers have a number of ways to address this situation, whether by expanding the focus of their blog or to include guest bloggers.

What is the Goal of the Blog?

The content schedule greatly depends on the goals of the blog. If the blogger’s intention is to eventually monetize the blog, then they’ll need a substantial amount of readers and traffic in order to build up their blogs. A more frequent content schedule can help bloggers build up their blogs and help them more quickly achieve their goals. Business bloggers may want to use their blogs for lead generation purposes or content marketing. However, if the blogger is simply keeping a personal or casual blog, then their goals are probably not as strict. With lax goals, the type of content schedule depends on how much time the blogger is willing to put into their blog.

Who Writes for the Blog?

Another question to consider is the number of writers and bloggers that will be contributing. Does the blog have multiple writers, or does it solely depend on the efforts of a single person? Having multiple writers will definitely play a vital role in frequent posting, but is not absolutely necessary. If the sole blogger is dedicated, he or she can easily maintain a daily content schedule and quickly build up the blog. However, if you’re the sole contributor and are running out of ideas, guest posting can be a great way to sustain your schedule as well as bring in a fresh point of view.

Any Other Obligations?

Individuals have a variety of responsibilities and obligations that demand their attention, whether it is school, family, or friends.  Bloggers should carefully consider these factors and realistically determine how much time they are able to spend on their blogs. If they have too many restrictions, then keeping a weekly blog may be more amenable to their schedule. But blogging requires time and dedication in order to develop as a serious endeavor. If the individual wants to create a profitable blog, set aside dedicated time and devote yourself to your blogging endeavor.

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