Why Get A Plantronics Headset?

If you’ve ever even considered a telephone headset, there is no doubt that you’ll be familiar with the name Plantronics. In American call centres, Plantronics are solely responsible for kitting out 75% of the workforce (a statistic that has led rivals such as GN Netcom to accuse Plantronics of monopolising the market) and the trends show that this number should grow.

So why is the company from Santa Cruz in California so synonymous with the humble headset? Well, that’s like asking why Rolls Royce is indelibly linked to luxury motoring or why Google is now so ubiquitous that ‘to Google’ has been officially recognised as a verb. In some arenas the Plantronics headset is known simply as ‘the headset’.

Organisations only get to the very top of their game with persistence, innovation and a dedication to quality. While some consumers will always choose the cheaper option, the mass market tend to choose quality over price and eventually the cost effectiveness of the superior option means that it soon becomes a market leader.

And that is the story of Plantronics. There is no doubt that you can buy cheaper headsets (although you can certainly buy more expensive ones) but the sheer build quality and consistent excellence of products that come from Plantronics means that for most they are not only the number one choice, they are the only choice.

As with any of the world’s biggest companies (except, perhaps, Apple) there is a wealth of options for the consumer to suit all needs and budgets. For instance, at the lower end of the price scale you will find the H141 Duo Headset. While perfectly functional, and better than a lot of its competition, the entry level price point makes it a more than attractive option.

But Plantronics also cater for those who like to add luxury to functionality so you can pick up the H101N Binaural Headset which includes premium features such as noise cancelling earphones, bass and treble settings and an all-round superior acoustic experience.

Though clearly best known for their landline and IPT compatible headsets, Plantronics are not a company who like to stand still. Recently they have made significant splashes in the Bluetooth headset market with beautiful devices with clever features like voice recognition. They have also recently announced the Blackwire 700 USB Headset which gives you the flexibility of multimedia, PC and mobile calls.

So why buy Plantronics? Why on earth wouldn’t you?!


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