>Why Blogger is better than WordPress?

>Most of the times, we find that lots of bloggers create their blog on WordPress! Is really there any reasons? Yes, it has. The reasons is its high quality features such as less coding, more flexibility, much better interface for multi-author, high end features. Although WordPress has some better features, but there are many things that makes Blogger better than WordPress.

Free Hosting
Most important and powerful feature of blogger is its free hosting service. In blogger you can host your blog without paying a single buck. But, if you going for WordPress, then you have to pay every month or every year for hosting. Now just think about this – can Google go down like local servers?

Easy To Customize
Blogger is really easy to use and customized. If you have a little knowledge about html, then you can easily customized your blogger blog. And if you has good knowledge about markup languages, then you can easily convert any web template to blogger template.

Blogger Template
Blogger offer few cool templates. They also provide online template design opportunity. By their designing feature you can easily design your template without knowing any code. You also find many themes in different site and they are totally free. Where as most of the WordPress themes are paid ones.

Easy Interface
The interface of blogger dashboard in very simple and easy to use. When someone wants to know that in which blogging platform are best for starting their first blog. Then I suggest them to create blog into blogger. Even when I started my blogging, I started with a blogspot because it’s really simple and easy to use.

Lots Of New Features
Blogger always trying to improve their features and services. Like last few years recently they introduce many new features. The first being – xml driven blog, a new template editor and now, they going to present next generation interface. The blogger interface will be changed to its new look, and that will be really great.