Advices and Tips for New Blogger

Now-a-days every internet user wants to earn money in online. They choose a way like blogging and wants to earn huge by ads publishing. They think, blogging is very easy and they can earn enough. I am not sure, Is it easy??
In this post, i am not telling about ads publishing or earn tips or tricks. I am going to share my best three opinions about blogging. You can think these three opinions as advices for new blogger.

  • Built your Kingdom: Here, kingdom is your contents. Try to make huge unique and interesting contents. Try to write about more popular topics. Try to write minimum five post in a day. If you can built strong and powerful kingdom, your blog popularity can rise within few months.
  • Choose your King: King!! i mean your keywords. Choose your keyword. Make huge number of post under your keywords. If you can choose your right keywords, your rank in search engine will increase very easily.
  • Support your King & Kingdom: I mean by this point, support your blog by SEO. Try to built your backlinks. Write articles in different article submission site. Join different forum, different communities site and participate there as a active user.

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