3 Tips for Choosing The Best Dedicated Server for WordPress Blog

Obtaining a dedicated server for your WordPress blog is a smart investment in your online enterprise. When you operate a WordPress blog that is visited by thousands of people per day, it becomes imperative that you provide a reliable browsing experience for your visitors. Most WordPress blogs start out on shared hosting accounts which share server resources with other websites hosted by the hosting company. When you upgrade to a dedicated server, your WordPress blog will be freed from the constraints put in place by shared hosting providers and you will gain flexibility in how you are able to publish and deliver content to your audience.

Managed Services

When you begin your search for a dedicated server for WordPress, seek out providers that offer managed services as opposed to unmanaged services. The provider you select will ideally be knowledgeable about the WordPress platform and offer support turnaround times that acceptable to you. Managed services may include free server updates and data backup for your dedicated server running WordPress. The data backup component of your WordPress blog is extremely important because it is always valuable to have extra copies of your data just in case something happens. The downside of having an unmanaged dedicated server running a Linux is that there may be a learning curve involved and this is what makes getting a managed server such a good idea. An issue that is simple to fix may take you much longer to research than it would to simply submit a support request and let a technician at the data center solve the problem in less than a few minutes.

Service Level Agreement

Before you sign up for any dedicated server, you must perform due diligence on the providers service level agreement. The service level agreement is what outlines the services provided to you. This agreement also gives you an up time guarantee, an explanation of how the company handles downtime and details the penalties involved for the provider being in non-compliance with the terms disclosed in the service level agreement. It might also be a good idea to search the internet for the specific hosting company you are considering. If any service level agreement breaches have been reported by other customers in the past, this is a huge red flag. Typically, service level agreements are written to favor the hosting company’s interests so it is extremely important to read all of the fine print on these agreements.


Consider your budget when choosing a dedicated server for your WordPress blog because there is a vast array of options available for every budget. The best deal does not always mean that you will get the best service. Be flexible in your dedicated server budget because you will have many options to consider. If you are unfamiliar with much of the dedicated hosting jargon being presented to you, it’s always good to just take a step back and write down the things you want and need from your dedicated server hosting solution. You can then take that list and contact a sales agent at the companies you’ve narrowed your search down to and voice some of your concerns. The sales agent will then direct you to the plan that best suits your budget and WordPress needs. The sales agent will try to persuade you into buying a package immediately but we recommend that you take a methodical approach to buying a dedicated server for WordPress.

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