5 Tips to Make Blogging Easier

At first, it seems like a basic concept. Just write what you want to and get paid for it. But after a period of time, blogging becomes more of an imposition and less of a desire. How do you keep writing without forfeiting quality? How do you keep the blog living and vibrant? Well, here are five tips on making blogging easier and more creative.

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1. Write what you love

If you love what you write, blogging won’t be an imposition. It’s only writing about things that are boring or repetitive to you that turns writing into something tedious. Don’t worry if your goals shift as the blog progresses, all real blogs do. You might start out concentrated on one topic and then be in an entirely different place a year later. Change is a natural process, so don’t fight it. Go with the flow and your writing will stay creative.

2. Write what you know

No matter how much you adore something, you can’t write valuable posts if you don’t know anything about it. I may love quantum mechanics, but that doesn’t make me eligible to write about it. If you really have a passion for a subject, study it before you start writing. It will make your writing more profound and you might discover some things that will change the way you think. Don’t add to the inanity of the web. Educate yourself.

3. Break it up

Even the most zealous writers get tired of writing about the same thing day in and day out. So break it up. Add a lighthearted post here and there. Your followers know that you are human, so don’t be scared to show it. One day you can just post a photo with a caption, the next a funny poem you like. Face it, some days you just don’t feel up to writing. Don’t freak out and don’t throw something together. Just take a breather.

4. Make it up

Some days everything just goes blank. One tip: start writing even if you don’t know what you’re going to say. You’ll think of something eventually, and editing out the crazy stuff is a lot more productive than sitting there staring at a blank screen. I know it might rub you the wrong way, but writing without a plan is a great way to get new ideas. If you get stuck, just write. You might start out with song lyrics, or a poem, or just a diatribe about the pointlessness of blogging. Whatever you start with, having your fingers on the keys is the point. If you get moving then it will come.

5. Pass it around

You are just burnt out. You don’t think you have anything left to write about. What do you do? I have two words for you: guest posts. Let other people say what you can’t. They don’t have to agree with you, either. Opinions lead to debate, and that’s great. The more involved your readers are, the more readers you’ll keep.
These are just five of the many, many tips for bloggers out there. It seems like a basic idea, but blogging can get to be a hassle. Get rid of the dullness and recover your drive. You started blogging for a reason, so get out there and find it again. Remember, don’t give up. It is always darkest before the dawn.

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