An Overview of Domain Parking

Domain parking is a system of monetization of online domains. The domain name owners are allowed to park domains to suit their needs. The registrars are the ones who park the names. The visitors to the website visit the links that are just the advertisements of the same websites or someone else. It may take them to the relevant material they are looking for. The website makes money in return for each click on their ad links.

The leaders in this industry like Wikipedia, Domain Spa, Parked, UnoEuro, Name Drive, Domain Sponsor etc., are the ones about which we are going to talk about now.


Registrars and internet advertisement publishers sponsor the under development or under construction sites to promote both of the types. This helps in two ways – first, for the popularity of the new website and second, for the revenue generation even before it becomes active. These sites act as a placeholder for these domains. When the visitor clicks these sites, he/she is taken to a number of links and targeted ads relevant to his or her search. The owners holding these sites are paid based on the number of clicks the websites and their links are getting. The more the clicks are, the higher the revenue is. It is popularly called “pay per click”. The visitor is driven to the sites based on the right keywords. Keywords give an idea about what the visitor is looking for and what is offered to them on the site or via the links.

An owner may choose to park their website on the registrar’s domain to redirect its traffic to its own sites with different names.

One and two click ads are based on the clicks on the keywords to generate advertisements. Two clicks on a keyword generate ads. One click on a keyword does not.

Monetized and un-monetized names are the two different things that are parked. The monetized ones have website names with links to advertisements. The un-monetized ones have the note ‘under construction”. This is just to have an internet presence even before the website is published in full bloom.

Domain Spa

If you want to earn money, even before the launch of your website, domain parking is the great way to make it known to the ever increasing and enthusiastic web traffic. If they do not find the relevant info they are looking for on your site, they are happy to click the ad links that contain what they are expecting. This is a way to reap riches without worries.


Parked is a provider that allows you to park your site for free. Your name gets noticed and gets clicks to earn you valuable money. Parked places ads on your site related to your own category.

Uno Euro

This is another provider offering parking service that parks your domain and places ads that are keyword-based. The ad links generate revenue for you each time a visitor to your parked site clicks on the link. Money is credited to your account while you are relaxing.

Name Drive

As the name is itself self-explanatory, this domain parking service makes your name known to the world before its birth! You earn each time an internet junky clicks on the ad links placed on your name’s custom page.

Domain Sponsor

Yes, this parking service of the domains sponsors your new domain with a custom page containing ads of other related searches. Just a click on any one of them fetches you money!

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