How to Use YouTube for Social Media Marketing

Many people are still confusing about how to use YouTube in their social media marketing campaigns, but it can be very simple once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of different types of strategies that can be used, but we are going to go over a simple one that can work for anyone. Before we get into the strategy, let’s just take a quick look at why YouTube can be an effective social media site for us all.


Why is YouTube So Effective?

There are many different reasons why YouTube has become a great place to market, but a few examples would be the millions of unique users that go to the site per day, all types of demographics use it, and people respond to videos much better than any other form of information. It has been proven that people pay much more attention and consume information from a video, which means higher conversion rates and more traffic for us.

Many people have become very successful by just using YouTube and no other form of marketing. There are so many people that use it, you can attract a limitless amount of people back to your site. All you have to do is create something that is appealing to your target audience and then watch as people continue to share the video, which then gets you more and more traffic. So now that you have the basic idea of why YouTube is something that you should be interested in, let’s take a look at a basic strategy that you could easily implement.

Step 1: Research What Videos Your Target Audience is Into

The first thing you want to do is to understand what your target audience will want to see. If you create a video that only appeals to a different demographic that wouldn’t be interested in your site, then you have defeated the whole purpose of the video. So, take a look at some of your competitor’s videos and see how come they have become so successful. You don’t want to ever copy someone else’s work, but you can use it for some ideas.

You can also do general market research to find more about your demographic. There are plenty of sites out there that assist with market research and can provide enough information for you to start creating videos that will attract thousands of targeted people.

Step 2: Appeal to Your Target Audience

Once you know what your audience will like, then you have to actually make the video. If you have never created a video before and are wondering if you can even do it, don’t worry. There are a lot of tools and websites to assist with creating an appealing video. You could even hire a small team to make the video for you if you can afford it. There are also sites out there that allow you to make your own videos using their technology, and it doesn’t cost too much.

Step 3: Always reference Your Website

No matter what, your goal is to convert people over to your site so that they can interact with it. So naturally, you will want to mention your site within the video or in the description on YouTube. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to figure out how to get involved with the site and how to benefit from it. Depending on what kind of site you have built, will determine the best ways to convince your audience to go there. Either way, it’s important that your website is visible and accessible.

Step 4: Reply to Comments

Once you have some subscribers or your video gets more popular, you are going to see people posting comments on your video. It’s important to respond to these comments and interact with the people that like your videos. Unfortunately, YouTube is populated with a lot of people who like to put videos down and make other people feel bad. So when responding to comments, it’s important not to get too emotional about the whole thing. Responding to negative comments in a bad manner will just put more fuel in the fire and make the whole situation much worse. The important part is to let your subscribers know you are an active profile that thinks about them and likes to interact with them.

Step 5: Make Your YouTube Channel a Unique Experience

After a while, you will have a collection of videos and people will start to come to your actual channel and not just look up your videos separately. It’s important when they do this, they encounter some type of experiance and not just a list of random videos you have posted. There are plenty of different ways this can be done. For example, if you have a lot of tutorials and guides, you could organize them in a way that people would like to watch from start to finish. Depending on what kind of videos you are offering, will determine how you make your channel an experience, just make sure the channel will keeping new viewers interested.

Step 6: Use YouTube’s Advertising Program (Optional)

The last step we are going to take is to use paid advertising in your social media marketing campaign. Similar Google or Facebook pay per click programs, you will be able to bid on certain keywords, then once someone actually clicks on the videos, you have to paid a certain amount. This can be a very effective way to give your campaign a boost in traffic or also to see how well your videos respond to viewers. Another great part of using YouTube paid advertising, is it is much cheaper than using Facebook or Google, but can get you the same type of results.

If you follow these steps and do them correctly, you won’t have a problem attracting targeted traffic. Once you videos start to get more popular, more and more people will start to share them throughout other social media networks and before you know it, you have an incredible amount of traffic being sent to your site.

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