Likesforge introduces SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud Followers and SoundCloud Likes packages

Just a little over a week after their official launch,, the popular social media service provider that offers users the chance to buy real and genuine likes, followers and views is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon with their wide array of newly introduced SoundCloud packages. had initially launched with a plethora of packages including – Buy Instagram likes, Buy Instagram followers, Buy Instagram video views, buy Facebook likes, Buy Twitter Followers, Buy YouTube likes and Buy YouTube views. The website has now developed what has been dubbed by many adopters as an ultra-effective collection of SoundCloud packages that comes with a host of benefits for upcoming producers, musicians, DJs and Club mixers.

The buy SoundCloud plays, buy SoundCloud followers and buy SoundCloud likes packages are superlative SoundCloud packages that come with a myriad of benefits for users. First, each of these packages have been designed to deliver qualitative, real and authentic social statistics for likes, followers and plays. The provider uses what can be regarded as an advanced analytics-based system of marketing and incentivizing to attract a large number of audience that have been researched to have preference for certain genre of music to play, like and follow publishers, producers, musicians, upcoming and B-list artists.

A detailed review of the features offered by these SoundCloud packages revealed an extensive number of advantages. The package can serve both promotional, marketing and social boost functions. Artists can promote their music and land their track in the ears of influential DJs, Club mixers, Producers and other influential people that can bring the spotlight to their career. These packages also convey the perfect opportunity to grow reputation and popularity amidst the real followers that drives to their tracks. Songs can make the right impression, increase shares, organic reach, likes and increase the existing fan base. There is also a higher tendency of tracks promoted through Likesforge’s SoundCloud packages to end up going viral, make club bangers and epic remixes that may break it into charts.

On the social media angle, artists can leverage their incentivized, real and active users by driving traffic to their social media channels, thereby increasing their followership across Instagram and Twitter, building a solid fan base on Facebook and growing their subscribers on YouTube.

As far as reputation goes, Likesforge has been employed by hundreds to thousands of people on their earlier social media packages to drive growth, influence, popularity and authority.

Likesforge SoundCloud packages can also help to beef up the number of followers, allowing artists to rank higher and gain reputation as a key figure on SoundCloud. For new artists, the buy SoundCloud packages can help to kick start a song’s impression, promote it to more listening ears and even rack up substantial revenue when favorite tracks are being purchased.

As for the service delivery itself, users have reviewed that the SoundCloud packages are no short of excellent, providing remarkable results in the desired time frame.’s packages do not violate the terms of services of SoundCloud and remains a proven and effective marketing strategy to drive desired changes. The packages are affordable, qualitative and quantitative and users can buy as many times as possible on one or multiple songs at the same time.

As far as we can tell, all three packages of buy SoundCloud likes, buy SoundCloud plays and buy SoundCloud plays are best purchased together for maximum results.

With innovative solutions like this, looks like there is much more to come. Till then, we will keep our fingers crossed and enjoy their plethora of packages that always deliver!