SEO Tips for your Pinterest Page

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique using which search engines like Google locate and rank one’s web site as superior to the other web sites. This, in turn, helps to bring in more traffic to one’s web site. SEO targets different searches like images, video, news, neighborhood searches, educational searches and also searches specific to an industry.

Pinterest is a web site that allows sharing of images placed on pinboards thus allowing users to manage images that are based on themes like happenings, passions, hobbies, etc. It takes advantage of pictures, superior content, and knowledge of the client’s style of living and requirements to increase their contacts. Pinterest’s role in businesses is increasing day-by-day. It helps in boosting the sales of companies as users shop more often here than on any other network marketing sites.

Pinterest lets businesses design pages intended to boost their businesses on the net. SEO tips to use Pinterest effectively for one’s business are as follows:

  • Select an effective username – The username in the Pinterest account should appropriately describe the business of the company. The business website should also be verified.
  • The ‘About’ section should be optimized – 200 characters of primary keywords can be used in the ‘About’ section. However, these words should also be straightforward, brief, and precise.
  • Include links to one’s website – Always add a link to one’s website with every image. This will not only fortify the connection between the image and the brand, but will also provide a direct connection for buying the products or knowing more about the services offered.
  • Separate the pinboards – Form separate pinboards for the different categories and accordingly pin the pictures, so that users can easily follow those boards that interest them. When selecting the names of the boards one should be precise and should also make sure that related search terms are arranged more closely.
  • Use simple terminologies – One should consider the target consumers’ demographics and way of living and build boards around their interests using vocabulary that is simple and relevant to their lifestyle.
  • Describe the Pins’ sensibly – Use language that the users can identify with, link it to the original product and also include information on product handling techniques. Use links that have the appropriate keywords, relevant context and are easy to understand.
  • Allocate descriptive names and text to the pinned images – Name the files according to the SEO perspective. Use names that the customers can relate to. Also adjust the size of the images so that it is best suited to be displayed in Pinterest.
  • Include Hashtags – It allows one to categorize pins by a particular topic, thus making the pins easily searchable.
  • Control the Long Tail – Use long-tail keywords that are more precise to describe one’s business so that people can reach one’s business easily.
  • Significant search words and pictures should be “Pinjacked” – “Pinjacking” the events and trends applicable to enthusiastic pinners enlarges one’s reach.

In conclusion, the aim of any business venturing into social marketing is to generate excellent associations who can endorse one’s brand. So to boost your business, go ahead and start pinning.

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