6 Biggest Myths on SEO EXPOSED!

There has been a continuous shift on what can be considered as best SEO practices. This is even more uncertain with the frequent change of algorithms which are the bearers of potentials. The diverse tactics applied by various companies as the standard method always seem to murk up the waters even more.

There are a ton of misinformation on what constitutes a great SEO strategy these misinterpretations when put up online in form of content leads to a declining knowledge of the true SEO design. There are enormous errors and misconceptions which we would look at;

1. A great content is all that works – this is false. Yes, it is necessary to create quality content containing viable keywords which would resonate with users but content on its own cannot take you to the promise land. A great amount of marketing is needed in order for the content to reach spotlight. There are certain factors that drive ranking, such as the quality of your webpage, the URL, the landing page as well as other pages, headings and titles, and who could forget external links.

2. Keyword density is king – this is also false. A lot of people are of the opinion that your content should contain an excess amount of keywords and that would beat the intelligence of the spiders and Bots. This by the way is called “keyword stuffing.” Its equivalent to trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and no it doesn’t work.It only makes your website appear untidy and like a bunch of spam.

3. SEO doesn’t come cheap – okay this is the part that has got you all worked up isn’t it? Well yes, SEO isn’t cheap to take on. Before you decide on investing on an SEO campaign for your business it’s probably wise to weigh your business and its potentials before diving in. SEO management is a continuous process, it takes a lot to get to the top and it takes a lot to remain at the top. You have to be absolutely certain that a high page rank is directly equal to lots of income for your business.

4. No company can insure high page ranking – a lot of digital marketing companies are out to grow their businesses and would say anything to get business going and before you have the time to do your research you would find yourself in a committed contract with a company that may just be new in the SEO business. Big companies with long years of experience such as rush adventure which consults for SEO in Toronto is more of a standard professional service provider that would give you a full strategy and keep you informed on every step without the emphasis on contracts and commitments. This is usually another characteristic to look out for when searching for an SEO company that would offer you the best results with standard practices.

5. Is PPC more profitable  – the great this with pay-per-click is that it does bring in immediate results but the fact that this would have to keep changing as you pay for new keywords and switch from visibility when purchasing new keywords makes PPC very unstable. However, SEO when done right serves you for a longer time and the cost of management decreases as well. This is also dependent on what kind of business you run and what your targets are.

6. Can you rely on only links? – Of course not! Links do play a major role especially when these links are high page rank websites but there are other factors that culminate into the perfect design for SEO strategy.