Top Must Have Tips for Marketing via Social Media

Using social media as a mode for building your brand, generating leads and boosting your business may seem like a very tough task. But there are some tips for following to enhance opportunity for success. These will help you make the most out of social media.

In case, you have been busy marketing on social media like Twitter or Facebook but not had much success, use the following steps to get going:

Plan for Each Channel

In case you jump into social media marketing without a plan, you are bound to fail. You need to address questions like: What is the reason to be on social media? Which channel features the audience you are targeting? If you cannot, it is time for planning. Put together a concrete plan so that your team and you can refer to it with ease.

Your social media plan must consist of mini-plans for every social media channel separately. For instance, you must plan for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such others. In case you are just starting, restrict social media channels to 3 or less. In case of most businesses, especially small ones, attempting presence in more channels results in a mediocre job. Consult social media marketing companies in India for proper marketing.

Do Consistent Posting

It is not enough to work slowly like sending one tweet per day. Some channels like Snapchat and Instagram do not work as fast as Facebook or Twitter. This implies that you don’t need to publish as often. But to be consistent, one should create a schedule for routine posting. This must be also as per your marketing plan for each channel of social media.

One must outline:

  • At what frequency do you plan to publish on every channel of social media?
  • What is the nature of content which is planned for publishing?
  • What is publishing schedule for social media outreach?

Take note that your customers are doing a lot of social media activity. In case you are not often publishing good content, you may get forgotten or lost in the virtual space.

Choose shared content with care

Quality is more crucial than quantity when it comes to deciding on what to share in social media. Not only must you share content in a consistent manner but also the content must have value.

Quality content is:

  • Helpful
  • Relevant for your target audience
  • Entertaining

One fact is that you must be careful for relying on tools which ‘suggest’ content for sharing with your audience. Suggestions maybe sometimes good but mostly you will be stuck with suggested content which is not of high quality or very relevant.

To get a steady supply of new content, you must create a list of sites in your niche or industry which is reputed for content of high quality. Attach them to an RSS feeder such as Feedly. By doing this, you will have a dashboard featuring freshest posts from sites trusted by you.

Post More Images

Studies have proved that photos are the most crucial nature of content for social media, which result in engagement. Such photos get most Facebook shares.

The power of photos for social media is exemplified by image based sites like Pinterest and Instagram which have garnered more success than failed channels of social media.

These are some vital tips for marketing via social media.

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