5 Essential Considerations for Effective Article Marketing

5 Essential Considerations for Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven technique used by many website owners and developers to promote sites and individuals as authorities in a particular subject area. While it can provide many positive effects as a promotional method, it can also have negative and detrimental effects if not carefully approached and properly understood.

There are a number of elements to article marketing and each has some essential considerations that an article marketer should bear in mind when embarking upon a campaign.


The title of an article is one of the most important elements as it’s the initial advertisement for the article. Many potential readers will see the title and immediately decide, based on only those few words, whether they want to click through to your article and read on.

Look for a catchy title that will not only draw your reader in but also make it clear that your article is about and In SEO terms, the words used in the title can form part of the page meta data and will therefore also contribute to the page’s positioning in the search engine results pages.


A common mistake made by SEO-driven article marketers is to see the article purely as a vehicle to gaining a backlink with no importance placed on quality. While it may be such a vehicle, you must ensure that your article offers the reader something of quality if it is to have the positive marketing effect you are looking for.

Every article you write is an advertisement for whatever it is you are promoting and needs to be of sufficient quality to reflect well on the author or website. Poor quality articles tell the reader that they can expect poor quality content if they dick through to the destination and so most will not bother to do so. The temptation to use automated rewriting tools, known as spinners, is strong.

On the surface, they can provide you with a number of versions of your original article, each of which is unique in the eyes of the search engines and the directories you’ll be submitting to. The problem with automated spinning software lies in the deterioration in quality every time you spin your article to get a new one.

Spinner software will replace words with other words of a similar meaning to maintain uniqueness, but this invariably affects readability and the subtlety of meaning can change markedly, resulting in a significantly inferior article. If you feel you need to have several versions of the same article, always rewrite the article manually, giving you the opportunity to rephrase whole sentences if necessary to maintain the quality and meaning of your work…

The bio is a crucial piece of the article marketing jigsaw. It’s the reason most article marketers use the technique in the first place. The backlink you create in the bio has values in SEO terms and needs to be considered in this way. When constructing your bio, use wording that will entice the reader to visit the link you’re including.

Many beginners will just give a web address, or URL, but with a little thought and a bit more sophistication, you can get more benefit from the backlink in the search engine results pages. Using anchor text is a more effective way of displaying the link.

An appropriate anchor text keyword phrase will associate the target web page with the keywords you’re using which has a positive effect on your site in the search engine results pages when people search using those terms.


The importance of using the right keywords cannot be understated. Writing a great article is fine and can still work as a marketing technique if it’s good enough, but targeting specific keywords and phrases is still a more effective approach to take. Decide in advance what keywords you want to target and build your article around these, in much the same way as you would when building a web page to attract visitors on a specific subject.

There are a number of schools of thought surrounding keywords and how to choose which ones to use, so do your homework and decide which approach you want to use to select yours. Make sure the body of your article uses the exact keywords or phrases several times…If your article marketing efforts are to be successful, effort and thought needs to be applied up front, even before the article is written.

With a little planning and an appreciation of what the technique can offer you and how it can work both for and against you, it’s possible to maximise the positive effect it will have on you, your website and the levels of traffic available from it.