Marketing 101 – New Media for the New Millennium

Marketing 101 – New Media for the New Millennium

There is little doubt that the Internet has had some profound effects on the world of business. From the way employees do their jobs to the way companies gather information, many things have changed since the first commercial website came online. These days the Internet has continued to grow and evolve, and smart companies are already finding creative ways to take advantage of those changes.

As the online world continues to change and grow, video and other new media sources are playing a larger and larger role. It is up to every company, no matter what their line of business, to take advantage of these opportunities.

Using Video Marketing to Your Advantage

Video marketing has a number of important advantages over other forms of advertising, including the ability to capture the attention of even the most jaded of consumers.

Explore the Advantages of Video Marketing

One of the most important advantages of video marketing is the relatively low-price tag. These days anyone with a handheld video camera and an Internet connection can be an instant sensation, and this makes video marketing one of the most cost-effective ways for even the smallest companies to market their products, their services and their brands.

Unlike earlier forms of video marketing, which were tightly controlled by television stations and video producers, online video is cheap to make and free to post. Instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single 30 second commercial, firms can put together clever video ads that cost next to nothing to produce.

With the right marketing and the right approach, those online videos can go viral, as people tell their friends about the video, they tell their friends and so on.

Making a Winning Marketing Video

One of the keys to a successful video marketing campaign is to not make it look like a marketing campaign. Some of the most effective viral videos in history have simply been spoofs of current events or popular celebrities.

Some of these viral videos had a marketing slant, and the companies that produced them have enjoyed great success, but the primary focus of the video was to entertain, not simply to pitch their products. The spirit of fun is very much alive in the world of online video marketing, and it is important for companies not to lose sight of that fact.

While there is certainly room for a serious marketing message, in order for that message to get through the audience will need to be engaged. Capturing the attention of the audience is an essential part of any online marketing campaign. It is also important for companies to make sure their videos have a polished and professional look.

Companies do not need to hire a professional movie crew to shoot their marketing videos, but they do need to make sure they use quality recording equipment. Luckily high-quality video equipment has never been more affordable, so many companies will find the cost of a professional video outfit less than the cost of producing a single commercial.

Uploading the Finished Videos

After those professional, polished and above all entertaining videos have been produced, the next step is to upload them to the Internet. Companies should be sure to include their marketing videos on their own websites, although it is generally not a good idea to place them on the home page. That is because video can take awhile to load, especially on slower connections. Visitors who find the page slow to load may click away, never to return.

A better strategy is to place a prominent link to the video on the home page and allow visitors to access it that way. Marketing videos can also be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube. Some of the biggest viral video sensations have started their lives on that site, and having a presence on the site can be a boon to the name recognition of any company.

Posting videos to YouTube also has another important benefit, namely that it gives company owners a chance to see what others are saying about the firm and how the company is perceived in the wider world. It is easy to lose sight of the importance of branding and name recognition, and monitoring the comments on sites like YouTube is a great way to get a feel for what people are really thinking.

There is no doubt that video marketing is the way of the future, and smart companies are already benefiting from this new wave of Internet content. With the right equipment and the right tools smart businesses can take advantage of the power of the web to help their firms grow and thrive.