Market your property as a holiday home in Dubai

Dubai is a bubbling and lively tourist destination, home to millions of people around the world seeking the best holiday destination. If you have a home in Dubai, what better way to make money and provide comfort to other people than listing your property as a holiday home?

When marketing your property, you need a good property management company in Dubai. They will help you sort out the major details by establishing trust and gathering essential documents. It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to launch a new holiday home or trying to market already existing short let. They will provide everything your holiday home needs.


Without further ado, let’s look at tips you should consider when marketing your property as a holiday home in Dubai. How to market your property as a holiday home –

  • Know your target audience:

The first rule of marketing is to know the people you’re selling to. Before you start property promotion, you have to survey and think of the kind of people the home will attract. For instance, a luxurious cottage with an amazing beach view could attract romantic couples and newly-weds. Your home could also make provisions for pets.

This is why a property management company in Dubai is so important, especially as a beginner. They will help you to consider these features and make appropriate decisions. Get them to do the job before even listing your property as a holiday home

  • You can’t go wrong with social media:

Now that you know your target audience, use social media to promote your short let effectively. Now, you may be wondering, “what social media platform will be more appropriate?”. Although Instagram is more appropriate, you can make great use of other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

If you can afford to, create captivating and striking ads that showcase your home to the target audience and potential buyers.

  • Use pros to take captivating marketing pictures:

You’re trying to rent your home. You’re trying to make an investment. You want to attract potential buyers. You can’t afford to take low-quality pictures.

The problem with most newbie-sellers is that they try to do everything themselves. They want to take pictures of the house themselves, negotiate with buyers directly, and sort other tiny details that they could easily outsource.
Get a professional photographer to take quality and attractive pictures of your holiday home.

  • Create a strong relationship with customers:

The only way to get more customers organically is through referrals, so you must create a strong relationship with customers. Little acts of kindness, service, or remembrance can embed your names on their hearts for a very long time.
For instance, when they hire your home, treat them like one of the locals. Offer to show them around the neighborhood. Introduce them to local cuisines and dishes. Let them feel welcomed and appreciated.

When they leave, send them personalized emails or gifts if you can. Call them on special or national holidays. That way, they’d be eager to leave 5-star recommendations for you on the website or tell their friends.